Liquid Death healthy sodas now available in Australia for the price of one soul

We discovered recently that renowned US-based healthy beverage brand, Liquid Death, is now available in Australia. Known for their engaging taglines such as “Murder Your Thirst” and “Death To Plastic, the brand has grabbed the attention of celebrities such as Tony Hawk and Travis Barker who both recently collaborated with them. Travis Barker released a limited-edition “Enema of the State Collectables Kit”, featuring an enema bulb (yes, you read that right) signed by the Blink-182 drummer himself. Tony Hawk x Liquid Death released a blood-infused skateboard (yes, with Tony’s real blood).

Targeted directly at Gen-Z, the drinks in aluminium cans tackle head on the ever-growing problem of plastic waste from soft drinks. Hence the tagline, “Death to Plastic.” In fact, their website is full of interactive experiences, designed to shock and enjoy in equal measure. Think Corpse Paint, Murder Your Thirst and a chance to Sell Your Soul and join the Liquid Death Country Club.

With all that hype, what do the thirsty youth actually get? Apart from Merch, which is also available for purchase from the website. there’s a range of four refreshing drinks. Liquid Death’s Mountain water is sourced from a spring in the Austrian Alps and contains natural electrolytes to refresh your body and murder your thirst. The brand’s Sparkling Water is fine-tuned to have just the right amount of carbonation (it’s carbonated at the same level as beer), so it is softer than other sparkling waters. Their line of flavoured sparkling water is lightly sweetened with agave nectar for more flavour than other brands. The range includes Severed Lime and Mango Chainsaw flavoured sparkling water.

Next time that you’ve got a raging thirst and are near a convenient 7-Eleven store, do yourself a favour and try one of these hot new cold drinks.