Jetlag The Podcast: What is it like flying to Australia during Covid-19 and experiencing hotel quarantine?

On this week’s episode of Jetlag, we talk to radio presenter Nic Shields who has just returned to Australia after a stint living in the U.A.E.

He takes us through the experience of passing through the airport in Dubai, what the flight was like, what it was like landing in Australia and what happened when they shuttled everyone away to strictly enforced quarantine in a local hotel.

We meet Nic on day 11 of his quarantine in Melbourne, just moments after he received his second Covid-19 test.

We ask all the questions that will be on the mind of anyone who might have to go through this scenario:

Do you get to leave the hotel? Do you have any windows? Can you order and accept deliveries? What is the food they provide like?  Do they cater to dietary requirements?  How regular are the government in touch with you?

And perhaps the most important question of all: how are you coping with the isolation and what’s the first thing you’ll be doing when you get out of quarantine?

All these questions and more will be answered in this special episode of Jetlag.

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Photos provided by Nic Shields (via Twitter)