Inklines’ favourite Sydney hang spots that people should get behind post-COVID


Sydney outfit Inklines are enjoying a strong start to 2021, with the release of singles “Blossom” and more recently “All Gone”. Both are from a forthcoming EP due later this year. 

With new music comes shows, and with the re-opening of Sydney post-COVID still ongoing, the band have put together a choice list of their favourite hang spots in the city, they believe you should all get behind. From pizza and pinball, to oversized beers and studio space, they’ve got you covered. 

Frankies Pizza by the Slice

This is definitely a staple for most Sydney-siders anyway, but one that we just have to mention. They’ve got great pizza’s made in-house, pinball machines and just about every type of person you could imagine. Most importantly, it’s a great place to get a drink and watch some live tunes almost any night of the week and you’ll never have to pay for tickets. If you’re in Sydney and haven’t yet checked it out, or if you’re visiting from out of town, we recommend stopping by!

7th Day Brewery – Brookvale

You can’t go wrong with an afternoon beer at your local, and luckily there is no shortage of breweries these days. For us, 7th Day Brewery in Brookvale is our go to, presenting an awesome range of original brews, and some of the best pizzas we’ve ever tasted on the menu. Combine that with their Thursday night live music and it’s a match made in heaven (pun intended).

The Bavarian at Manly Wharf

If you’re looking for oversized beers and great food, the Bavarian is the place to go, with its wide selection of European beers, spacious layout and great views it’s hard to just “go for one” as it’s not just about the menu but also the location. Situated right on manly wharf it not only has great views but it means it’s always accessible so you and your mates can get there with ease.

Housefox Studios

Housefox is the home studio for us on the beaches. It’s where we recorded our EP Book Club. Three great rooms, varying in size and style, where you can; rehearse your live set as loud as you want, practice your drums, turn up your amp as loud as it goes cos your wife kicked you out of the garage, or even record your latest songs. Ryan, who owns the studio, has put a heap of work in to keep the studio going through these tough times and making sure all the local musicians have a place to do their business. Book yourself some time there if you’re in town!

Your Local

Wherever you’re located, just support your local. That’s what is most important. Whether it be your local watering hole, your local butcher, or your local music shop – all businesses, particularly independent businesses, have taken a huge hit over the last year and all of those who made it through have done exceptionally well. If they hadn’t earned your support before, surely they have now! If you have no use for anything they’re selling, recommend them to someone who will! I know their tomatoes are 4c per kilo more expensive, but they’re better tomatoes I promise.

Inklines’ latest single “All Gone” is out now. You can keep up to date with the band via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Header Image: Supplied. All venue images sourced from venue’s Facebook pages. 

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