How To Celebrate Your Birthday From Home

After a year filled with different activities and emotions, people always look at their birthday as a sign of hope to make new plans for a better future. Typically, many people celebrate the occasion in many places – bars, an office event, or at a friend’s house. However, in many places of the world right now, including here in Sydney, we’re not able to do that. 

But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Really, trust us on this one. There are many advantages to celebrating at home and many ways to do it right. Here are some of them.

Have a Theme Inspired Celebration

Enjoy the celebration from the comfort of your home by making it memorable with a theme. Choose a destination and have festivities with arts, food, and decorations that reflect that place. 

For example, you can have your party based on the place you visited in recent years, the theme of your wedding, or even the theme of a TV series you enjoyed.

A Harry Potter-Themed party, for instance, would be a good choice if you enjoyed the Harry Potter books or movies. You can call it the new year’s Hogwarts dinner. When planning for your party, you can look for recipes and decorations that match the theme of the series.

Celebrate with a Canned Cocktail  

Usually, during the celebrations, people acknowledge the moment by clinking glass and raising a toast. Because how can you claim to be celebrating the right way without having an adult beverage? (Okay, this may not necessarily be true), 

However, you can try new things this year by having a canned cocktail and clinking cans. It’s like drinking a refreshing drink without the need for a mixer. You can try some canned cocktails, including Ohza Classic Mimosa, Yuzu Spritz, Long Drink, and Roseade. Canned cocktails are an excellent way to bring in the your birthday celebration.

Plan a Virtual Toast with Your Friends

Even though you are celebrating at home, perhaps with your housemates, or family that you live with – there is no reason you cannot share the fun with friends who are in other locations. Many services allow you to make a toast to friends and family with virtual parties. 

Free video chat apps like Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and Houseparty are suitable options. The world has become a global village, so distance should not be a barrier for you and your favorite people to enjoy the festive occasion together.

Channel Hygge-Inspired Comfort

After the stress of the year, you deserve to find comfort as you blow out the candles on another year. You can achieve this by creating a cozy atmosphere for yourself. Have some time alone with a good book, a glass of wine, or just simply enjoying your life. 

You can treat yourself to a “fancy” meal at home. There is no reason you should not spoil yourself — you’ve worked hard this year!

Watch Movies

A good movie can hold the magic that will take you to a different place. So many people feel like they are transported to some other world during the viewing of an epic movie. You can have a movie marathon with your friends or simply enjoy watching movies at home with your family. 

There are so many movies to watch, including romantic comedies, action thrillers, family flicks, and more. It’s up to you what movie you’d like to watch. Some movies are great for a family day and films that can help you de-stress after a long year.

Celebrating your birthday can be fun at home, too. You do not have to spend so much and do the same old things you usually do to enjoy the moment. You just have to be creative enough to turn your house into a venue for a fun celebration.