Hong Kong’s historic bullet trains are ready, connecting the city to Greater China

In an effort to further strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a gateway to Greater China, the city’s Transport and Housing Bureau is getting ready to introduce the long-awaited – almost a decade in the making – High Speed Rail system connecting Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Set to commence operation on 23rd September of this year, the rail system is expected to reduce travel time by approximately 60 percent, connecting Hong Kong to 44 stations across Mainland China, including six short-haul and 38 long-haul stations.

Trains on the system will reach speeds of up to 350km per hour, meaning that a popular but distant city like Wuhan will be accessible from Hong Kong in just five hours, while the journey time to a major hub like Guangzhou will be reached in around 50 minutes. It also means Bejing, which would normally take around a full day to reach from Hong Kong, can be reached in around nine hours.

“We have seen growing interest in China amongst the Australian and New Zealand markets, however accessibility has also been a main area of concern”, explained HKTB Regional Director (Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific) Andrew Clark. “We believe that this rail system will be the missing link to connect Hong Kong to the main cities of China and beyond”.

Already positioned as a major competitor to the airline industry in China, those arriving on the bullet train to Hong Kong will also be able to alight at the new West Kowloon Station. The new transport hub, designed by architect Andrew Bromberg of Aedas, will debut on the same days as the rail system and act as it’s main Hong Kong stop. The station will feature a pedestrian skywalk with views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline, as well as an urban green oasis and more than 4,000 glass panels. It will also be connected to the rail system via a dedicated underground corridor that reaches to the boundary near Lok Ma Chau, where it connects with the Mainland section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail.

Tickets for the High Speed Rail System start at HK$78 (approx AU$12.50) from Hong Kong to Futian station; HK$247 (approx. AU$40) to Guangzhou South; and tickets to long-haul destinations, such as Beijing will start at HK$1,240 (approx. AU$200).

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Chris Singh

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