Glenfiddich have launched a double decker whisky bus in Australia

A clarion call to whiskey lovers far and wide, Glenfiddich just last week has celebrated the launch of the venerable Glenfiddich Whisky Wanderer.

“What on Earth is the Whiskey Wanderer?!” you ask? It’s an original 1972 vintage Leyland double-decker bus cum mobile whiskey lounge. More than ten meters long and four meters wide, this magnificent moss green vehicle has been decked out with a gorgeous premium whiskey bar, sporting a hydraulic pop-up roof and festooned with the trademark copper stag head logo.

Aboard the Whisky Wanderer, punters will be treated to a workshop to teach them about the fundamentals of whisky, sipping on an exemplary range of malts and comparing the flavours of the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera Vat, through to the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment and Project XX.

As an added treat, they will even have the chance to create their own personalised bottle of these whiskeys, the perfect gift for a fellow dram dabbler.

The three-year, 9000 kilometer journey of the Whiskey Wanderer across Australia will be helmed by Luke Sanderson, Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador, who will share with whiskey-lovers his passion, knowledge and expertise.

“Glenfiddich is renowned worldwide for its mastery and innovation, so we wanted to share this appreciation by bringing a hint of our Scottish Highlands distillery to life in Australia,” Sanderson said. “In true Glenfiddich style, our travelling whisky lounge is the ideal experience for both whisky enthusiasts and those looking to try their first Single Malt. Come along and try it for yourself.”

Joining Josh Sanderson is Australian chef and restaurateur Matt Moran, who himself shares a great love of whiskey.

“Glenfiddich’s philosophy for possibilities and innovation is what drew me to this partnership. We share a like-minded passion to push boundaries and continually strive to reach new heights. I’m excited to see what comes next, and of course the opportunity to learn more about their wonderful whisky doesn’t hurt either”, said Moran.

The Glenfiddich Whisky Wanderer and its precious cargo of scotch can be enjoyed firstly at Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show on the 31st May until the 2nd of June, followed by Sydney Good Food and Wine Show on the 21st June until the 23rd June, and lastly at Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show, from the 25th of October until the 27th of October. More information HERE.