Happy World Whisky Day: The Balvenie Cold Fashioned recipe in two simple steps

There are few days as important as World Whisky Day. Seriously. Arguably the most beloved spirit in the world, with an almost endless variety showing of the world’s great terroirs and building distilleries of considerable acclaim, whisky has captured and held the palates of discerning drinks all across the globe. The Balvenie has been a part of that for a very long time, instantly recognisable and absolutely one of the most well regarded names in the industry.

When we were searching for a whisky cocktail recipe to publish on this day of days, it was a no-brainer to hit them up and find out how to make their twist on a timeless classic – the primordial cocktail on which all others are based. And it’s so simple, even those who haven’t tried shaking up a cocktail could easily make this.

Whisky Cold Fashioned Recipe

  • 30ml The Balvenie Double Wood 12 Year Old
  • 30ml Mr Black or coffee liqueur equivalent
  1. Build and stir down over ice in a double rocks glass.
  2. Garnish with a generous slice of orange zest.

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Chris Singh

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