Sydney’s beloved Donut Papi is introducing whisky cinnamon doughnuts

Sydney’s wildly popular Donut Papi has teamed up with Fireball Whisky for a very limited edition, just-in-time-for-fathers-day “Fire in the Hole” doughnut. Breaking down the base profile of Fireball Whisky, the ever-creative team at the Redfern store has created what is easily one of Papi’s most exciting (and delicious – we tasted it as a preview, and it rocks) treats to date.

The strictly adults-only doughnut is an artful layering of butterscotch and whisky infused glaze on a yeast raised base doughnut, which is then drizzled with a pure Fireball icing and finished with an epic, red cinnamon crumbed, flaming Fireball cake donut ball. The monstrous creation is then spiced with nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon and chunks of apple before being soaked overnight in Fireball Whisky, finished with a spiced apple Fireball glaze and injected with a pipette full of Fireball Whisky. A lot goes in, and a hell of a lot comes out.

“The ‘Fire in the Hole’ is here for a good time, not a long time. So of course we wanted to have some fun and turn up the heat with a pipette of Fireball to wash down our epic donut cake ball,” said Donut Papi co-creator Kenneth Rodrigueza, who will put the boozy collab doughnut on the menu for only two weeks straight from Friday 4th September.

You’ll be able to pick some up from Donut Papi’s Redfern store, but also Surly’s American Tavern, The Big Easy and Hustle & Flow Bar at $8.50 each.

Chris Singh

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