Sydney favourites Monopole, Yellow, Cirrus and Bentley are now delivering

With the launch of several restaurant groups providing at-home dining services, Bentley Group is now taking part. That means all four of their acclaimed restaurants, Bentley Restaurant + Bar, Monopole, Yellow and Cirrus, will be delivering restaurant-quality meals straight to your doorstep.

Four unique menus have been specially designed by co-owner and chef Brent Savage, derived from each venue and offering some new and signature dishes. Pricing will range from $75 to $110. Meals are designed ready-to-serve for two people, with diners instructed to simply take care of the final touches from the comfort of their own kitchen.

“We have specifically designed these menus and dishes to travel well, that was our major challenge. Some of the dishes are new but really sum up the best of the restaurant like the Cirrus king dory and mushroom, and some are much-loved like the Bentley Chocolate Bar,” says Savage.

Yellow will be offering an entirely vegan menu, featuring a pressed zucchini, turmeric & yellow pepper sauce with fried curry leaves. You can also order a Yellow Produce Box – which includes a selection of seasonal fruit, vegetables and bespoke Yellow offerings.

Meanwhile Bentley has lined up a succulent wagyu beef cheek. From Monopole, you’re in for pork terrine and smoked chicken with bread stuffing. Finally, Cirrus is serving their trout rillettes and a moreish layered chocolate cake.

Wine pairings and signature cocktails have been handpicked by co-owner and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt. Focusing on supporting local Australian wines, starting from $30 a bottle. Speciality wines from Hildebrandt’s cellar will also feature exclusive bottles from Jean Foillard and Jacques Selosse.

Add some fresh produce with Monopole Markets, available each weekend from 10am-5pm, offering takeaway and produce boxes each, with weekly changes to the menu.

The launch menus for each venue have been included below. Orders can be made via, open from Wednesday to Sunday, with delivery between 3.00pm and 8.30pm or pick-up options also available.

Bentley Restaurant and Bar 

$110 for two

Housemade Bread Roll

White Pea + Sumac + Endive (gf, v)

Wagyu Beef Cheek + Beetroot + Onion Relish + Watercress (gf)

Green Beans + Rocket + Lemon Vinaigrette

Cos Salad + Radicchio + Mandarin Dressing (v, gf)

Layered Chocolate Cake + Caramel Glaze

Bentley Chocolate Bar (gf)


Yellow (Vegan)

$75 for two

Sourdough Bread

Kohlrabi + Cauliflower + Macadamia Nut Ravioli + Herb Oil Dressing (gf)

Pressed Zucchini + Turmeric & Yellow Pepper Sauce + Fried Curry Leaves (gf)

Braised White Pea + Cabbage (gf)

Cos Salad + Radicchio + Mandarin Dressing (gf)

Coconut Cream + Roasted Pineapple + Candied Granola (nuts)



$80 for two

Housemade Bread Roll

Pork Terrine + Pickles + Crostini

Smoked Chicken + Bread Stuffing

Chicken Jus Gras

Kombu Glazed Carrots (gf)

Cos Salad + Radicchio + Mandarin Dressing (v, gf)

Cheese + Lavosh



$90 for two

Housemade Bread Roll

Ocean Trout Rillettes + Crostini

King Dory + Potato + Mushroom Pie + Pil Pil

Broccolini + Almond Crumb

Cos Salad + Radicchio + Mandarin Dressing (v, gf)

Layered Chocolate Cake + Caramel Glaze

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