Sugar Coat It is your new favourite dessert box

Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift, the sisters at Sugar Coat It have got you covered. 

19-year old Holly Northott and her sister Hannah from Perth are making headlines with their aesthetically and extravagant sweet and savoury gift boxes. Curated by the sisters themselves, each box has boundless options including gluten-free, flower bundles, baby boxes or a custom made box designed to your liking. 

Enjoy one of their classic Small Box of Goodies which includes Willy Wonka Nerds, mini KitKats, Caramello Koalas, Chocolate Freckles and Reece’s Pieces. 

Chocoholics can indulge in their Choc-O-Holic Brownie Box containing Snickers, Twix, Mars Bars, family sized Kit-Kats, locally made chocolate brownies and Tim Tams.

If you fancy adding some boozy drinks to your box, the choices are endless with some mixed Salted Caramel Espresso Martinis, Tommy Tequila Margarita or Amaretto Sours by Melbourne Martini and plenty more. 

With Christmas around the corner, Sugar Coat It is also giving away prizes on their Instagram from December 1st for 12 days. From three course dinners, winery tours and jewellery, there will be an abundance of prizes to be won. 

Over 20 limited edition Christmas dessert boxes will also be available such as their “Say Yes Way Rosé” box with from Byron Bay’s Chow Cacao chewy raspberry chocolate, Rosé in a can and a champagne flute or their “Don’t be The Grinch this year” with Hey Tiger Oh Crumbs caramel & gingerbread white chocolate, Loco Love coconut and cashew artisan treats and crunchy mint Chow Cacao. 

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Danica Jones

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