Southern Comfort is giving away $5,000 to help you live your “Easiest Day Ever”

You’d think with the multitude of “International something days”, we’d be blunted to the reality of yet another annual celebration aggressively shoved into our social media feeds and forcing us to fake enthusiasm. International cream puff day? International drinking straw day? International spaghetti day? As good as that last one is, not everything deserves a celebration. This week there’s a huge exception though, and it could be said that it’s the granddaddy of international days, particularly important in 2020, when everyone wishes they could be the subject of this day of days. I’m talking about International Sloth Day, paying homage to the most chilled-out animal in existence, and a muse to us all. We all want to be one right now, but short of sprouting Wolverine-like claws, fur, and a perpetually baked look on a faux-panda face, we’re unfortunately confined to our human life.

Enter Southern Comfort, leveraging their status as the world’s easiest drinking bourbon to align with the spirit of the sloth for what they’re calling the Easiest Day Ever. The purpose: rewarding one lucky life-hacker with a day of maximum relaxation (to the time-distorting value of $5,000) to help them soak up some of that chill energy, making their ideal 24-hours a reality.

That sum may not be able to coat you with fur (although it can, if you get creative with the generous allowance), but it can net you the most care-free day you can possibly imagine. A day in which 2020 never happened and everything was right in your world.

And what’s that look like for you? Having fast food delivered via a drone? Hiring a personal chef for the day? Blowing it all on the most relaxing couch ever made? Whatever helps you channel the spirit of the sloth and bring your Easiest Day Ever to life, it seems Southern Comfort is laser-focused on making it happen.

As far as giveaways go, it’s one of the most year-appropriate ones we’ve seen. And even if you aren’t the grand prize winner, they’ve still got 50 “easy packs” to be won to help make the transition into an Aussie summer that much smoother, fruitier and spicier. Plus, Southern Comfort have committed to adopting five sloths on behalf of competition runner-ups to help protect their future and fund further research.

Sticking to the “easy” theme, the competition is also painfully simple to enter. You’ll just need to follow Southern Comfort on Facebook and/or Instagram, tag @southerncomfortau and tag a mate while you’re at it. That’s a sloth-worthy amount of effort for a lot of upside right there,

The competition will be closing on International Sloth Day, which is Tuesday 20th October (ie, tomorrow) so get a move on, click through to either social channel, and start tagging away. Winners will be announced on Tuesday as well.

You can find Southern Comfort on Instagram here
You can find Southern Comfort on Facebook here

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.