Modus Operandi’s NORT creates world first non-alcoholic Pacific Ale

Australian made, female founded company NORT Beer has pushed forward with a world’s first, launching a non-alcoholic Pacific Ale in a substantial move for the low-to-no alcohol movement that has swept the industry over the past few years.

NORT is already well known throughout Australia as a locally-brewed 100% crafted non-alcoholic beer, so it’s not much of a surprise that they have landed on an ideal recipe for a alcohol-free Pacific Ale. It comes off the back of three new varieties, which along with the Pacific Ale, includes a Tropical XPA and All Day IPA. This is an addition to the Refreshing Ale, bringing NORT’s portfolio up to four alcohol-free craft beers.

NORT was engineered by award-winning brewery Modus Operandi Brewing in response to the spat of lockdowns last year, with co-founder Jaz Wearin determined to give Aussies options as the local market continues to approach, with cautious optimism, the emerging category of non-alcoholic beer.

Given NORT recently took out a silver medal at the Australian International Beer Awards and their first ever non-alcoholic beer category, it’s worth getting in early to try the Pacific Ale. Even if only to see if Modus Operandi have gotten the flavour profile right, seeing as the problem with producing non-alcoholic beer has traditionally resulted in products tasting too sweet and plain.

Instead of compromising and taking shortcuts, it seems NORT have taken a full-throated approach to producing the non-alcoholic Pacific Ale. Tasting notes describe the offering as one with “the flavour of passionfruit and tropical aromas” assaulting the taste buds, with a golden haze appearance. On the palate, the beer should be light and sessionable, clocking in at 49 calories.

“People are always searching for ways to create a more balanced lifestyle, but it was clear to me that there is a need for greater variety and choice when it comes to non-alcoholic crafted beer”, said Wearin. “So, after last year’s overwhelmingly positive response that we received from the Refreshing Ale launch, we immediately started working on adding some variety to the portfolio, giving Aussies more tasty non-alcoholic beer options”.

As of late June, all four of NORT’s non-alcoholic beers will be available via online platforms Sans Drinks, Amazon Australia and Beer Cartel and in independent retailers across the country.

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Chris Singh

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