New curated range of gin shows off the best of Australian native botanicals

Native Spirits, a collection of five gins has been launched this month in collaboration between several of the country’s top gin distilleries. Each participating distillery, from Archie Rose to West Winds, has created one new expression each, representing their respective home state with locally sourced and native botanicals.

That encompasses everything from the Geraldton Wax Leaf of Western Australia to the Blood Limes of Queensland’s iconic rainforests, highlighting a distinctly Australian flavour and giving gin lovers a new series to collect across.

“By hand-picking the ingredients that are only grown in New South Wales and individually distilling each botanical, Archie Rose is able to craft an inspiring gin that has a style and flavour profile unique to its home state,” offered Archie Rose Master Distiller Dave Withers, who heroes Wild Strawberry Gum in his contribution to the series.

Each bottle if 500ml and is available exclusively at Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor Market stores within their state of origin.

Check out the full list of details and tasting notes below.

Sydney Dry Gin by Archie Rose – Available in NSW

Hero Native Botanical: Wild Strawberry Gum

Tasting Notes: Pine, pepper and eucalyptus aromas are complemented by raspberry jam, sherbet and candied citrus. The juniper leads the way and finishes with a balance of fruit and herbs.

Margaret River Dry Gin by West Winds Gin – Available in WA

Hero Native Botanical: Geraldton Wax Leaf

Tasting Notes: Highly fragrant gin expressing the strong citrus notes of the Western Australian native bush, Geraldton Wax has a distinctly floral citrus note and when paired with other citrus-based botanicals, leads to a well-balanced gin.

Melbourne Classic Gin by Patient Wolf – Available in VIC

Hero Native Botanical: Victorian Lemons

Tasting Notes: A bright and lively gin designed to represent a Mediterranean sea breeze. Fresh lemons and a strong piney juniper are complimented by fresh thyme that rests on a light, floral end note. Created to be the perfect complement to tonic.

Adelaide Dry Gin by 23rd Street Distillery – Available in SA

Hero Native Botanical: Cinnamon Myrtle

Tasting Notes: On the nose this gin promises an abundance of lemon-lime characters as the native finger limes and lemon myrtle strike your senses. The mid palate of juniper and Tasmanian pepper berry lift this gin and balance out the citrus. The finish is slightly spicy with great depth.

Brisbane Dry Gin by Winston Quinn Gin – Available in QLD

Hero Native Botanical: Blood Lime

Tasting Notes: Sit back and relax with this citrus forward gin in hand as you watch the sun set and take in the ocean breeze. The hero citrus comes from blood limes that are a unique bush food from the rainforests of Queensland. Paired with 5 accompanying botanical ls that provide a unique taste of Queensland in a glass.

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