Misfits Bar celebrates turning three with free birthday shots and special offers

After three years as Redfern’s trendsetting bar, Misfits Bar and Dining celebrates its third birthday in style with live music, birthday booze and tasty treats this September. Following the theme of all good things coming in three, the bar is delivering all the goodies in trios.

Expect a triad of oyster shooters with flavours of refreshing Cucumber and Mint, a Spicy Bloody Rita and an aromatic Pomegranate. ‘The Bee Gees’ are their famous boozy mini cocktails that come as a trio including the Hanky Panky, Perfect Manhattan and the Wet Vodka Martini. They’ve also got full pour special cocktails which include the Paper Plane, Corpse Reviver No 2 and the Last Palabra.

Triplets of food served as three of each kind will include some delectable prawn dumplings, crispy ceviche tacos, cheesy smoked cauliflower and taleggio croquettes and smoky BBQ brisket, cheese and jalapeno sliders. If you’re after a birthday deal you can order both the mini cocktails and one of the food triplet choices for $40, whilst their original food and drinks menu are also available.

Naturally, as a birthday celebration, entertainment will be provided with live music and a DJ night on 17 September and a Jazz group on 24 September. If you’re celebrating your birthday in September, Misfits will treat you with a free birthday cake shot included with a roasted marshmallow and chocolate biccy on top. A $100 bar tab is also up for grabs and is to be found around the venue for their Birthday bow-tie giveaway.

To make a booking or for more information head on over to Misfts Bar and Dining

Danica Jones

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