Koko Black channels unique Australian flavours with new artisan chocolates

You might not be able to take an actual bite out of Australia’s grizzly landscapes and boundless plains, but you can at least have a taste. Swallowing Australia is even more tempting now that popular artisan chocolatier Koko Black has traversed the many native flavours of Australia for its new collection.

The “Australian Native Collection” heroes uniquely Aussie ingredients and superfoods, translating the country’s greatest spots into ethically made chocolate with a range of distinctive flavours and profiles. The newly launched series of blocks, pralines and gift boxes highlights everything from green ants harvested in the Northern Territory, to finger limes grown on the east coast of Queensland.

An assortment of wild fruits, nuts, ants, seeds and botanicals are represented here, offering something refreshing to snack on during that great Aussie road trip you’re planning.

Australian Native Collection Blocks are $13.50 each (although you can get them as a four-block bookcase for $49) and listed below:

Macadamia and Spotted Gum honey crumble, Caramelised white chocolate 80g
Oats, spotted gum honey and macadamias lightly seasoned with pink lake salt collide to create a nostalgic biscuit-like flavour.
Whipstick Wattle and roasted coconut, 39% single origin milk chocolate 80g
The earthy, nutty and coffee-like profile of the wattleseed matches the roasted notes of the Arriba 39% was milk chocolate to perfection.
Davidson Plum, 70% single origin dark chocolate 80g
Place the Davidson Plum-dusted top of this block on the tip of your tongue for a palette-cleansing, tingly burst of flavour.
Lemon Myrtle, 72% single origin dark chocolate 80g
Blitzed lemon myrtle into a powder for a herbaceous, fresh finish that lingers through the woody Venezuelan 72% dark chocolate.

And the individual pralines are $3.00 each (or also available in gift boxes) and as follows:

Lemon Myrtle and candied cucumber, 54% dark chocolate
Cucumber, pickled in lemon, lime and white wine vinegar is cold- pressed to cut through the lemon myrtle, leaving a clean, fresh finish on the palette.
Salted macadamia caramel and, 39% single origin milk chocolate
Bite into the interior of this praline to discover Koko Black’s own caramel paste and chunks of roasted macadamia for a crunchy, yet silky-smooth texture.
Strawberry Gum ganache and passionfruit jelly, 54% dark chocolate
Overnight infused strawberry gum and cream, with an added touch of pink lake salt to the praline to cut through the sweet passionfruit jelly.
Finger Lime, green ant and burnt butter cream, caramelised white chocolate
The green ant, and its naturally citrus profile, is freeze-dried, powdered then added to Koko Black’s finger lime jelly to counterbalance the nutty, caramelised burnt butter ganache.
Aniseed Myrtle and 67% single origin dark chocolate ganache
Aniseed and dark chocolate play off each other perfectly in this exquisite praline, with a touch of finger lime to add a little zest.
Davidson Plum jelly and 70% single origin dark chocolate ganache
Tangy, tingly pureed Davidson Plum makes up the jelly that pairs perfectly with the fruity backdrop of the Sao Thome 70% dark chocolate.

The Koko Black Australian Native Collection is now available to purchase online and in-store at all Koko Black locations.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.

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