Grill’d is giving away thousands of free burgers this week

Tomorrow, Friday 28th May, is one of the greatest days in Australia. In case you didn’t know already, the date marks National Burger Day and you better believe some of the country’s best flippers are celebrating in their own special ways.

Grill’d isn’t about to be left behind. As the country’s best known healthy burger brand, the chain is commemorating this day of days by giving away 7,000 free 100% Natural Aussie burgers.

Each Grill’d store will be surprising customers with free burger gift vouchers and even a few love letters on day.

“Even thought we treat every day as National Burger Day, we wanted to mark this Friday as an occasion to celebrate our Grill’d supporters that make it all possible for us,” said Grill’d founder Simon Crowe. “We can’t wait to show our appreciation to our local communities by surprising people with free burgers made with love that we hope will bring joy to our valued customers.”

If you’re lucky enough to score a National Burger Day gift voucher on the day, just note that they will be for dine-in use only. And we recommend using them to try some of the newer additions on the Grill’d menu – the four new “Healthy Fried Chicken Burgers.” They are described below.

HFC Classic: Healthy Fried Chicken with dill pickles, cos lettuce and egg mayo

HFC BLAT: Healthy Fried Chicken with crispy bacon, avocado, cos lettuce, tomato and herbed mayo

HFC Smokey: Healthy Fried Chicken with dill pickles, slaw, Spanish onion and chipotle mayo

HFC Hot: Healthy Fried Chicken with Grill’d Hawthorn hot sauce, jalapenos, slaw, shredded carrot, Spanish onion and egg mayo

For all information about the National Burger Day vouchers head to

Chris Singh

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