Cocktail recipes from the best bars in Oklahoma, USA

From the historic stockyards of Oklahoma City to the electric streets of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the most fruitful stops on that bucket list Route 66 drive you’ve always wanted to take. While that quintessential trip may be off the cards for now, we’ve gone ahead and sourced a few cocktail recipes to showcase the state’s approach to mixology, highlighted by four of Oklahoma’s top bars which have each taken an essential slice of their home and distilled it into liquid form.

“Central Plains Punch” from The Pump Bar

The Pump is a retro patio bar sitting in the heart of uptown Oklahoma City, edging the historic Paseo arts district. This crossroads position often positions the bar as a popular stop for those traversing the city’s cultural scene, refuelling the soul with the likes of signatures such as the fresh-forward “Central Plains Punch”.


– 1.5 oz (44ml) spiced rum
– 0.5 oz (15ml) banana liqueur
– 0.5 oz (15ml) fresh lime juice
– 1 oz (30ml) pineapple juice
– Dash of chocolate or Angostura aromatic bitters
– Ginger beer for topping


1. Shake and strain all ingredients over ice and top with some ginger beer.

“Porter Peach-Tini” from The Penthouse Bar

Pop into the elite Mayo Hotel and make a bee-line for The Penthouse Bar, turning a former Presidential Suite – where Elvis liked to lay his head – into an an-class cocktail bar that’s as ritzy as any you’d come across in Downtown Tulsa. Taste some of that glitz and glamour when you master the “Porter Peach-Tini”.


– 2 oz (59ml) lemon flavoured/infused vodka
– 1.75 oz (52ml) peach puree
– 0.5 oz (15ml) honey
– 0.25 oz (7ml) elderflower liqueur (St Germain is recommended)


1. Shake and strain all ingredients into a chilled martini glass with a sugared rim and garnish with peach slice.

“The Brady on Brady” from Valkyrie

Tulsa’s eclectic Arts District wouldn’t be quite the same without its strong offering of bars and restaurants, and Valkyrie is right up there amongst the best. This popular spot wouldn’t look out of place if it was picked up and blown on over to New York or L.A, with its modern sheen and eye-watering collection of top-shelf spirits, used to make inventive cocktails like experimental favourite “The Brady on Brady”.

– 1 oz (30ml) bourbon
– 0.5 oz (15ml) coffee liqueur
– 0.25 oz (7ml) Fernet-Branca
– 0.25 oz (7ml) 1:1 simply syrup
– 5 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
– 4 dashes orange bitters
– Pale ale for finish
– Orange peel for garnish


1. Stir all ingredients over ice to chill.
2. Strain into a champagne flute.
3. Top with pale ale and garnish with orange peel.

“Stockyard Roots” from Ludivine

Focused on freshness, the modern eatery of Ludivine is one of Oklahoma City’s most popular farm-to-table restaurants, and this strong commitment to produce extends to the vibrant cocktail list as well. Want proof? Try your hand at mastering the “Stockyard Roots”, taking some of the defining flavours of Oklahoma.


– 1.5 oz (44ml) bourbon (recommended: Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon)
– 0.5 oz (15ml) root beer
– 1 teaspoon honey syrup (or runny honey)
– 1 teaspoon Luxardo Maraschino liqueur
– 1 dash orange bitters
– 1 dash chocolate bitters
– Orange peel for garnish


1. Stir with crushed or cubed ice and strain into a short rocks glass over a big ice cube.
2. Garnish with orange peel and serve.


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Feature image: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation

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