Cocktail Recipe: You’re Grounded by Melbourne Gin

Emerging craft gin label Melbourne Gin has just come from securing a Double Gold metal at the 2020 SIP Awards for the second year in a row, which certainly bodes well for their inventive releases as of late.

To see what they’ve been playing around with in terms of flavour we hit them up for a simple and straight forward cocktail recipe to help home bartenders make a boring old Monday feel like the weekend.

See below for the flavour-rich You’re Grounded cocktail, developed by Abacus bartender Robbie to lift the signature of Melbourne Gin.


  • 45ml Espresso (Martyr Single Original Blend is ideal)
  • 45ml Melbourne Gun
  • 15ml Orange Curacao
  • 15ml Brown Sugar Gomme
  • Garnish: Flamed orange zest, chocolate dust.


Melbourne Gin is available to enjoy across Melbourne and Victoria, or available online at

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy Editor of the AU review and a freelance travel writer. You can reach him on Instagram by following @chrisdsingh.