Archie Rose launches Hunter Valley Shiraz Spirit to support bushfire recovery

In light of the devastation 19/20 Australian, Sydney’s Archie Rose Distilling Co. will be releasing a three-part series dedicated to the Hunter Valley wine community and its enduring spirit.

Hunter Valley Shiraz is an Eau de Vie distilled spirit and the first product in the series. The release also augments their latest range, the Trials & Exceptions series, which highlights exceptional casks and small-batch trials.

Remarkably, Archie Rose have managed to take more than 50 tonnes of smoke-tainted Hunter Valley 2020 Shiraz and use them alongside Cabarnet Sauvignon to arrive at this unique expression. The majority of spirit will be kept for aging and be released as a Brandy in subsequent years.

Tasting notes describe the release as a blend of savoury and sweet notes lingering on the palate including unique flavours such as shortbread, icing sugar, vine leaves and campfire.

“While watching the January bushfires this year we immediately began looking at how we could help growers only two hours up the road with the eventual result a series of brandy related spirits,” said Harriet Leigh, Archie Rose Head of Hospitality. “As Eau de Vie is a spirit very few people have tried, we’re really excited to share this Hunter Valley Shiraz Spirit and [are] looking forward to seeing how the smoke taint eventually plays into a brandy, currently laid down in casks to age for a minimum of two years.

The initiative began to support local producers and growers who were affected by the crop and income disadvantages due to the bush fire smoke-taint. Tulloch Wines and First Creek Wines have been working together with Archie Rose to give back and support the Hunter Valley wine regions.

1000 bottles of Hunter Valley Shiraz Spirit will be on sale from 25 May via takeaway at the Archie Rose Bar in Rosebery or online at and bottle shops.

People will also have the opportunity to reserve via pre-purchase a bottle of the brandy with a memento of the spirit then sent to them for safekeeping as it ages ahead of its release in future years.

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