Eurail just permanently lowered prices to celebrate 60th anniversary

It is widely known that travelling across Europe by train is a quintessential experience for the nomadic Aussie. The trains, connected all over the continent, are a fast, convenient, accessible and, most importantly, flexible way to get hop from one city to another, with around 40,000 Australian travellers alone making use of Eurail’s rail pass each year. And it’s about to get a lot easier too, with the company announcing several major, permanent changes to celebrate 60 years of travel.

First off, there are now three different Pass types for travellers to choose from: the Eurail Global Pass, which provides access to 31 different countries; the Eurail One Country Pass, with unlimited travel for single-country itineraries; and the Greek Islands Pass, which lets travellers explore up to 53 different Greek Islands.

That first one, the Global Pass, has seen a substantial price reduction in fares by up to 37%. That means Aussies can now snag one from as little as $265. Similar competitive price cuts will be introduced for the One Country Passes and Greek Island passes, although those have not been confirmed yet.

Travellers over 60 will be glad to know that Eurail have bought back Senior discounts, while the company will also continue their generous youth discounts. Those aged 11 or under can still travel for free.

In addition to the above, Eurail has added three new countries to the Global Pass, bumping the number from 28 up to 31 by welcoming access to Macedonia, Baltic darling Lithuania, and Great Britain. It’s also worth nothing that pass holders are also eligible for various benefits and discounts from over 100 partners like Disneyland Paris, IC Bus, city cards and ferries.

“Even after sixty years of travel, Eurail is as relevant as ever, with over 40,000 Australians using the rail pass to access over 10,000 European destinations each year”, said Eurail Marketing Manager Clarissa Mattos. “Travelling on a train through lush European country-side or peeking out to see snow-capped mountains has always painted a very romantic image of European travel. We are very proud to be celebrating 60 years of these sorts of memories, and we’re thrilled to introduce these exciting new developments that will make Eurail even more cost efficient and accessible to Australians”.

Passes can be booked up to 11 months in advance. For more information and pricing details head to

Chris Singh

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