England Distilled, Iceland chilled: the story of Martin Miller’s Gin

It would be right in saying that gin has rather become the drink à la mode of late. But one distillery that was at the forefront of the gin fold well before the recent boom, is Martin Miller’s Gin. Since opening up a small distillery in Notting Hill in 1998, Martin Miller and David Brombige have been dedicated to producing premium award-winning distillations that embody a passion for creating only the finest.

The Gin’s unique dual distilling process is not only what makes it interesting, but is also what achieves its unparalleled clarity and taste. One copper pot is used for distilling juniper and earthy botanicals, while the other is purely for citrus peel. Both are then combined and rested over ten days to maximise the infusion of deep delicious juniper notes and bright fresh citrus.

The process does not end there. To create Martin Miller’s Gin is both a careful art-form and a full-on adventure. After distilling, the gin then embarks on a trip to Iceland where it is mixed with waters from the Arctic to characterise its purity and softness.

“I always remember a loving relationship with gin. For me it will always be the most seductive of drinks” Martin Miller said.

“History, romance and adventure in the cup. When creating my own gin I wanted to live that love, to possess the aroma of oriental flowers in the shadows, the fragrance of the orange trees in a warm Sevillian night and the refreshing whisper of the winter wind in a birch forest.”

It sounds like a seductive love story – and it is for those gin enthusiasts – yet this tale transcended into a real-life production that has successfully delivered a delightful gin experience for Martin Miller’s drinkers. While sadly Mr Miller passed away in 2013, David has been able to continue his pioneering gin legacy.

The original Martin Miller’s Gin emphasises fruitiness with subtle touches of juniper and peppercorns. On the nose, you’ll hint aromas of lemon skin with subtle floral notes. It is smooth and softly citric that provides a delicate aftertaste.

While maintaining clarity and essence of lemon skin and florals, the Westbourne Strength Gin ( 45.2%) has a much more robust palate with a stronger taste of juniper. It’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy with a long, soft and gentle end.

With more gold and platinum medals won in the last 10 years than any other gin is a clear indicator that Martin Miller’s modern gin movement at the four most respected competitions; The World Spirits Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, ISC and IWSC.

Here’s a recipe from Martin Miller’s to inspire your next gin and tonic creation:


  • 40ml Martin Miller’s Gin
  • 10ml Cynar Aperitivo
  • Dash orange bitters
  • Tonic water

Add together and mix, pour over crushed ice in a tall tumbler. Finish with a mint sprig garnish.


Learn more head to www.martinmillersgin.com

Feature image: Chris Pavlich Photography

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