Disney’s Space 220 Restaurant: What is it, is it worth the visit, and how do you get a seat?

While Disney try to figure out what went wrong with their highly anticipated, but seemingly disappointing Star Wars Hotel, they are also celebrating a similar concept they have very much gotten right: Space 220.

Located at Disney’s Epcot in Orlando, and built above the long running Mission: SPACE attraction that gives guests the experience of travelling into outer space, Space 220 – which opened in September 2021 – is a restaurant sitting in outer space, accessible via an elevator and a very long waiting list. It’s fair to say a seat at this establishment may just be the hottest ticket in the universe.

You start in an entry room, where an attendant confirms your reservation and gets you ready for your voyage to the restaurant.

The ride in the elevator calls back to one of the original 1955 Tomorrowland (Anaheim) attractions, Rocket to the Moon, where guests would sit in a circle and enjoy a ride on a… rocket to the moon.

In both cases, a screen on the ground makes it look like the room has taken off – with timed rumbles and impressive visuals that do well to hide the reality that this may be the slowest elevator in existence. But what an enjoyable – and immersive – experience it is, as you travel to the “Centauri Space Station”. It’s an experience that even Grandma will enjoy, while you impress your inner ten year old.

Once you arrive in space, you walk through a space that extends the disbelief – as faux crops are seen growing in a chamber to your left, as you walk ahead to be taken to your table.

The room then sits against a massive window that looks back down to earth; occasionally a person or a ship can be seen floating by – you can see that at the top of the article. Behind where this photo was taken, you’ll find a sit down bar.

I was able to attend for a special function, so had the chance to try out a number of the meals and beverages they have on their menu – from The Big Tang (pictured below), a berry cocktail adorned with a space friendly ice cream sandwich*, to a “Centauri Burger”.

The menu is impressive, offering two course meals for lunch, and three courses for dinner – and while it leans into some typical Epcot fare (which, to be honest, has always been the best place for food in any of the American Disney Parks), it also gets creative with their offerings, keeping the space theme in mind with dishes like “Space Greens”, “Coffee Space Rub Flat Iron Steak & Frites” and “Spaceghetti & Shrimp”. They… really use the word “Space” a lot (and I love it!).

You can check out the full menu HERE.

And the best thing about the experience is that it’s a brief one, so the charm won’t wear off on you before you have the chance to return to earth. On which you are treated to a reverse journey on the elevator. On exit, we were also handed some Space 220 Trading Cards, as Disney double down on the rarity of the experience.

From start to finish, dining at Space 220 impressive and immersive experience – and even better, the food and beverage is terrific. If you have the chance to get a table, you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. Reservations are booked out far in advance, however, so start to look at availability as soon as you know you have a trip to Epcot. Head HERE for reservations.

If you can’t make a reservation, they do have limited walk-in spaces available on the bar, but no minors are welcome to those seats, and you will have to line up in person. It’s also important to mention: you can’t get a table without a ticket to the park itself.

We’ve documented the experience on the AU review’s Instagram channel, which you can view live now. If you’re reading this article more than 24 hours after we’ve published this content, you’ll find it under the saved “Space 220” story.

For more details on reservations and the experience, head to space220fla.com

*To be exact, this is “The Big Tang”, with: Avion Silver, Grand Marnier, Tang-Infused Agave Nectar, Grapefruit, Strawberry, served with Astronaut Ice Cream.

Photos by Todd Anderson, provided by Disney – except the cocktail, by the author. 

Larry Heath

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