Deliveroo to deliver free Messina to Sydney beaches using speedboats

Although Sydney will be getting a few patches of rain here and there this weekend, plenty of the city’s most visited beaches will no doubt be packed full of summer-loving folk. That’s why Devliveroo have launched speedboat deliveries, in partnership with Messina, to keep those lazing on the sand well fed throughout the day.

Across Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th December, the Deliveroo Speedboat will be fanging it around to 10 of Sydney’s most gorgeous spots, including Watsons Bay, Manly Wharf and Milk Beach. What’s more is that they’ll be carrying loads of Messina’s exclusive Strawberry Pavlova Choc Tops and Peach Bellini Weissina Bars. All you’ve got to do is flag the speedboat down when you spot it, scoop up one of the treats, and you just may score a complimentary beach towel as while you’re at it.

It’s a pretty neat way for Deliveroo to promote the fact to that they do indeed deliver to beaches, in no less than 150 locations nationwide. It just ain’t always free like this limited deal, so if you’re heading to the beach make sure you keep a look out for those speedboats.

Don’t live in Sydney? There’s still some silver lining. Deliveroo and Messina will be giving away free 500ml tubs (with dulce de leche, strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream) with any order on the platform from Monday 17th December.

Speedboat deliveries will be available at the following beaches:

Saturday 15th December

Double Bay
Rose Bay
Nielsen Park
Milk Beach
Watsons Bay

Sunday 16th December

Manly Wharf
Clontarf Beach
Spit Marina
Balmoral Beach

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.