Adelaide Hills wineries devestated by bushfires: here’s how you can help

South Australia’s Adelaide Hills is one of the premier winemaking regions in the country and has been supplying Australians with fine quality drops for decades. Unfortunately the region has come under crises within the past few days, with many wineries obliterated by the unstoppable bushfires.

With holiday season always being a busy wine-buying period across the country, directing your funds to the following Adelaide Hills wineries – directly – has never been more important. Firstly, it will help these beloved family-owned businesses rebuild and start growing as soon as possible. Secondly, you get to enjoy, explore and maybe even rediscover some of the best wines in Australia. Thirdly, you’re going to be buying wine this holiday season anyway, it might as well be from any or all of the following.

Tilbrook Estate

21 years of growing has been wiped out by the bushfires. And for such a small-batch, artisanal winery, that’s devastating. Their winery, all their stock, 90% of their vineyard, their entire farm and their shed has been lost to the fire.

They’ve locally auctioned off what they have left, and while you won’t be able to purchase their wine online, you can contribute to their currently running GoFundMe campaign.

The GoFundMe can be found HERE.

New Era Vineyard

40 acres of vines have been burnt and over 1,000 bottled stock, along with winemaking equipment and all wines in oak.

Grab some of their cool-climate wines online from HERE.


If you’ve ever been to the unique collaborative space Lot 100 in Adelaide Hills then you’ve likely enjoyed some fantastic wine from Vinteloper. As one of the five businesses making up the Lot 100 team, this Adelaide Hills winery has unfortunately got a lot of rebuilding ahead of them.

You can help out by buying their wines online HERE.

Tomich Wines

More than half of the vineyards at Tomach Wines are now gone due to the intense flames. You can help them rebuild by buying their wines online HERE.

Barristers Block

The entire vineyard at popular winery Barristers Block was destroyed. All funds from wines sold online will go helping them rebuild. You can purchase their wine HERE.


The legendary Henschke also sustained significant loss due to the fires that took out much of their Lenswood vineyard. You can support them by buying their wine online HERE.

Bird In Hand

Bird In Hand may have escaped the devastation of some other Adelaide Hills wineries, but they still suffered a lot due to these bushfires. You can help them rebuild by buying their wines online HERE.

Golding Wines

Golding Wines were relatively lucky, with their barn, terrace and gardens remaining, although the winery was still destroyed. They will need help rebuilding in the new year and you can help by purchasing their wines HERE.

Anderson Hill

The bushfires took vines and infrastructure away from this Lenswood winery. While fortunately their Cellar Door is still standing, they will still need your help to rebuild. Purchase their wines online HERE.

Nova Vita Wines

20 per cent of the vines at Nova Vita have fallen victim to the bushfires. The best way to help them rebuild is to buy their wines directly from them, which you can do so HERE.


ArtWine escaped the level of devastation some of these other wineries have met, but they were still impacted. If you’d like to help them rebuild consider buying some of their wines HERE.

Simon Tolley Wines

Simon Tolley definitely needs your help to rebuild, seeing as a whopping 80% of its vineyard was wiped out. You can purchase their wines online HERE.


Petaluma are going to need your help rebuilding, you can do so by buying their wines online HERE.

Geoff Weaver

Lenswood based winery Geoff Weaver will need your help rebuilding after the bushfires. You can help by purchasing their wine online HERE.

Another way you can help the entire Adelaide Hills community and beyond, as well as the volunteers who risk their life to protect others, is to donate to the CFS Foundation. You can do so HERE.

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Feature image: Golding Wines.

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