Twelve South HiRise 3 Review: Sleek and functional

The third generation of Twelve South’s HiRise chargers has landed, complete with a sleek and sexy new design, and MagSafe charging. Made specially for iPhones and accompanying Apple products like AirPods and the Apple Watch, the HiRise 3 provides up to 10W charging which feels rather standard, considering newer iPhones have the capability for faster 15W charging. While it lacks Apple’s Made for iPhone branding, this all in one charging solution stands as a safe bet for any nightstand or bedside table.


The Twelve South HiRise 3 is without a doubt one of the more minimal and sleek options currently available and a huge improvement over the HiRise 2, which looked and felt much thicker. We opted for the black model, and we’re impressed. It’s soft touch design adds to the premium look, although we do like the white option for it’s slightly greyed charging surfaces. Either way, it’s far from invasive and will more than likely suit any bench or bedside table that it’s placed on. The slanted iPhone MagSafe charging pad is also nice and broad, and gives users a better chance to locate the magnetic grip that holds the phone. It’s also rather pleasing aesthetically to have the phone floating and facing outwards, making it easier to display automated messages and notifications, instead of having to pick the phone up.

The real draw here however, is its design and the functionality it brings with it. The HiRise 3 provides charging for up to three devices simultaneously. If you’re and Apple user like I am, you’ll find a charger up top for your Apple Watch, a slanted panel up front for a MagSafe compatible iPhone and a Qi charging panel down below for your MagSafe or wireless charging AirPods. This is admittedly the first charging stand I had used on my bedside table, a place where I’m more than likely charging more than one device at once on any given night, be it my iPhone or Apple Watch. The fact that this takes up less space than a standard iPhone on my bedside table is impressive, as I can now have those same three devices charging in that one spot where my iPhone used to sit.


Performance is adequate, but not exceptional. The HiRise 3 acts as a 10W charger for your iPhone via the MagSafe pad, a 3W charger for your Apple Watch via the dedicated puck up top, and a 5W lower charging pad for your AirPods. These speeds will serve most people well. But keep in mind, while the lower pad can also charge an additional iPhone instead of AirPods, it is limited to 7.5W via Qi charging. Unfortunately, this lower charging pad does not work with Android devices. I can imagine it would be a little annoying for some that would like to use such a device in a central area in the house, where certain families might be using both options.

The real issue here is the lack of any MFi (Made for iOS) certification, which basically comes as a guarantee from Apple that this device will work with their products. When something isn’t certified, it’s not the end of the world, but could mean there are unconfirmed issues potentially awaiting your devices as a result. I’ve been using the HiRise 3 for the better part of two weeks now and have yet to come across a hitch. MagSafe charging makes my phone no warmer than Apple’s own alternative, while the bottom charging pad only ever holds my AirPods. I have tried the lower charging pad for my iPhone and as a result, would not recommend it for the slower charging speeds, unless you’re leaving your phone there overnight.

Verdict & Value

The Twelve South HiRise 3 3-in-1 charging stand is a suitable alternative that provides a minimal and sleek design, and average charging speeds. While Apple users with all three compatible devices will clearly benefit, the slower 10W speeds make this a more enticing option for overnight charging as opposed to a central unit in a living room or family area that users can get a quick battery boost out of. The lack of MFi certification is a little puzzling, but has in no way impacted my experience or hardware at any point over the last two weeks. It’s a little annoying to see that this lack of MFi certification also blocks Android users from charging their phones on the lower AirPods section. Overall, it’s sleek and sexy design will ultimately win over Apple fans looking to save a little space on their nightstand.


Highlights: Sleek design; Adequate charging; Can charge two iPhones at once
Lowlights: No MFi certification; Can’t charge Android devices at all
Manufacturer: Twelve South
Price: A$179.99
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Twelve South.

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.