The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless headset bolsters its incredible value with premium features

Turtle Beach has released two previous versions of the Stealth 600 range in the last few years, with versions for PS5, Switch, PC, and a separate headset that is compatible with Xbox.

With so many options flooding the market, it becomes a more difficult task to decide on value for money and longevity, taking into account how much your usage is for both gaming and out on the go. Fortunately, Turtle Beach take all of these things into consideration and offers great value for A$179.95 with the new Stealth 600 Wireless. The premium design is super comfortable and perfect for long play sessions combined with a massive battery lasting up to 80 hours.


Available in either Black or White, the design of the Stealth 600 is strong and sturdy for its reasonable price tag. The cups are made with memory foam and have a premium athletic weave fabric that is incredibly comfortable. My ears are on the larger side, and the cups fit perfectly, which does a great job of enclosing them to create the perfect seal. This does help with the noise isolation while not being too warm. 

On the left-hand side, there is a pull-down mic extension arm, this also will mute and unmute your microphone. The uni-directional microphone arm allows for the cavity it disappears into to create the perfect fit and is built into the casing of the cup so it doesn’t protrude. The power button is located next to here alongside the Bluetooth connection button, allowing this device to connect to mobile devices. The mode button will help you flip between Turtle Beach’s preset EQ options. There is a USB-C port for charging, and the volume controls for both the mic and volume are controlled with a grippy dial that is incredibly satisfying to toggle. A Switch button also allows you to flip between 2.4GHZ and Bluetooth.

The Turtle Beach logo is embossed on the outside of both cups giving the whole fit a premium and solid feel that also looks the part. The silicone rubber on the headband is also black and rests comfortably over your head during use. 

Sound & Functionality

The sound quality of the Stealth 600 for the price is unbelievable. It packs 50mm drivers that deliver some pretty remarkable sound profiles. There are four preset modes, including treble boost, base sound, vocal boost and my preferred option, bass boost. These can all be utilised using the dedicated software and app Swarm II. Once inside the app, you can definitely tweak it a bit more, which is great for audiophiles but may not be necessary for gamers. The bass boost option gave me some great lows, particularly doing my playthrough of Red Dead Redemption II while using this headset. 

When switching to the online mode of the game and utilising the microphone, friends commented on how clear and crisp the audio was from my mic. Incoming audio combines in-game sound and voices that blend well and are easily controlled with the button dials. This headset features Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing technology, which boosts things like footsteps and human background sounds in the game. I personally didn’t find any big advantages here with this mode and think more work needs to be done to make this a feature that sets it apart from the competition. 

What impressed me the most was the battery life. Turtle Beach claims it can last 80 hours on a single charge. I am happy to report that this is true during my two-week test period. If there ever was a concern about battery life, the headset does feature lightning-fast USB-C charging that allows you to charge while still in use. 


The Swarm II software is minimal and allows you to flip between the EQ presets, toggle Chat Boost on and off as well as the Superhuman Hearing. You can adjust the microphone sensitivity and even adjust the brightness of the light on the USB dongle, which is a nice little added feature. 

There aren’t a ton of options on offer here, but it does the minimum and it is enough to be a passable 

Verdict & Value

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless delivers the best value for money in the admittedly crowded headset market. Its incredibly comfortable fit, premium design, and feel put it towards the very top of the budget gaming headset tier.

The battery life lives up to its promise and the option of USB-C fast charging allows you to charge it quickly when needed. The software and Superhuman Hearing technology could use some tweaking on the next models to take this to the next level. But at the end of the day, it’s hard to argue with the value that the Stealth 600 provides within the market right now.


Highlights: Comfortable and lightweight; Great sound quality; Superior battery life; Swarm II app customisation
Lowlights: Cramped controls on the cups, Superhuman Hearing tech is lacklustre.
Manufacturer: Turtle Beach
Price: A$179.95
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Turtle Beach and is now available via their official website.