Tech Review: Razer Nommo Pro Gaming Speakers are all about that bass

The Razer Nommo Pro is a hefty beast of a sound system, featuring dual satellite speakers and a subwoofer to emulate cinematic 5.1 surround sound. The system is compatible with a variety of sources including home consoles and PCs, and though it is optimised for PC gaming, it’s also packaged with an aux cord for phone-to-speaker tunes. As a multi-function, universal speaker system, the Nommo Pro is hard to overlook.

The Nommo Pro is a leap up from the base Razer Nommo Chroma model, and features barrelled light-up speakers paired with a double set of tweeters alongside a powerful (and superbly heavy) subwoofer to drive the bass. The Nommo Pro system is sleekly and beautifully designed, and the paired speakers made me want to pick them up like laser guns and yell out ‘pew, pew, pew’ while I took out my enemies. The whole package looks and feels unique, with the ever-changing rainbow base lights making for desirable and incredibly pretty trim.

Its large size and strange design means that significant space will have to be made to incorporate the system into any regular PC set-up, although lengthy cabling means that a multi-level makeshift set-up is possible. Included in the packaging is compatible cabling for direct PC access, as well as an optical cable more suited to modern home consoles, allowing for a diverse range of set-ups.

The get the best possible sound out of the Nommo Pro, a triangle set-up is recommended, allowing for a decent approximation of surround sound. Playing through games backed up by the Nommo Pro is a genuinely fantastic experience. Levelling up from a mid-90s Juster Active 75 speaker system directly to the Nommo Pro unlocked sounds and volumes that I’d scarcely heard from my PC games. Sound is multi-layered and atmospheric, giving story quests in The Witcher II the majesty that they deserved.

The volume and system set-up of the Nommo Pro is controlled by a small pod that allows selection of Optical, USB, Analog or Bluetooth modes for easy and dynamic access. Switching between modes is easy, as is initiating a Bluetooth connection (a welcome change from the complications of other Bluetooth devices).

Setting up a PS4 and Windows 10 connection was as easy as plugging in a cable and adjusting the volume accordingly. Ease of access is a key feature for the Nommo Pro, as everything, including cabling set up is simple and effective.

Where the Nommo Pro falters in some regard is the subwoofer-driven bass. Given the size and presence of the Nommo Pro woofer, face-blasting, blood-pumping, ear-shattering bass would be expected. As it turns out, the bass on its own is on the subtler end of things, underscoring beat-driven tracks with only mild heart pounding.

Even at the highest volumes, the bass initially only produced a very steady thump, and not the building-shaking blast I was hoping for. A trick I discovered later in my review was to place the subwoofer directly under my PC set-up, setting up a reverb chamber that sent shockwaves through my hardwood desk. This, I found, was the ideal set up, and achieved the best sound for the system.

One of the major talking points for the Razer Nommo Pro will be the price tag. The basic Nommo Pro gaming speakers will run you about $169.95 depending on supplier, while the Nommo Chrome (which includes the interactive lighting rig) costs around $249.95.

The Razer Nommo Pro, representing a significant step up, costs around $849.95 in Australia and can be purchased directly from Razer online. While there is certainly a level of quality to be found in the Nommo Pro that’s rare in gaming sound systems, it’s hard to justify such an insane price tag for the system unless you’re really keen for some extra bone shaking and some pretty little lights.



Highlights: Great sound; extremely accessible; beautiful design
Lowlights: Bass lacks weight; Hefty price tag
Manufacturer: Razer
Price: $849.95
Available: Now

Review conducted on a loaned Razer Nommo Pro retail unit provided by the manufacturer.

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