Tech Review: Edifier R1010BT Bookshelf Speakers won’t break the bank, won’t blow your mind either

We’ve come to expect a certain standard from Edifier’s many different speakers. When we took at a look at the older R2000DB speakers  about this time last year, we found them to be an extremely solid option in the 2.1 home speaker category. The R1010BT, a much cheaper alternative by comparison, feels like the jaded kid that refuses to try because they think no-one expects anything of them.

I can actually summarise this entire review in a single sentence: The R1010BT’s sound fine, look fine and, coming in at $99.95 AUD, won’t sting you for a lot of cash either. End of review. There’s not really much else I can say about them (but I’ll give it a go since you’re already here and I have a five par minimum). Maybe a boilerplate, no-fuss pair of desk speakers is exactly what you’re after. In that case, your search is over! It’s just that there isn’t much about these speakers that makes them stand out over ones from any other brand in the same price bracket.

Design-wise, the R1010BT doesn’t stray far from the R2000DB. These are sensibly-sized, unremarkable looking twin speakers with a dark faux-wood finish that allows them to melt into the background regardless of where they’re placed. This is not a slight on their looks, though it may read that way — speakers like these are supposed to go unnoticed and in this way they are a great success.

In terms of sound, the R1010BT gives you likely exactly what you’re looking for — reasonably good sound for a hundo. They can sit on your shelf until you want them and then they’ll spring to life without complaint. The only issue I have here is that, while the R1010BT’s amps allow for a bit of grunt, it felt like it was muddying the waters a bit at times, keeping me from being able to properly hear all the way to the back of a given mix. Set up is easy, switching between modes is easy and twiddling the knobs at the back to adjust the bass/treble balance to your liking is easy. Modes available include Bluetooth, RCA input and the venerable 3.5mm AUX but if you were hoping for any app or streaming connectivity then you’re out of luck.

I wish I could say nicer things about the Edifier R1010BT’s, I really do. They are serviceable speakers, but ultimately unremarkable. If you like value for money, or you absolutely need a pair of bookshelf speakers that you don’t mind replacing later on then these will comfortably fit the bill. For those who want an Edifier offering that can stack up against its competitors in the same range, you’ll need to up your budget a little.

Score: 6.0 out of 10
Manufacturer: Edifier
Price: $99.95 AUD
Available: Now


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David Smith

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