Tech Review: Anker’s 10,000 mAh 30W Power Bank packs a punch when on the go

Power banks are becoming increasingly important not only when out and about, but when using multiple devices too. While my phone is inevitably with me wherever I go, I might decide to bring along a secondary device. But even when those devices are fully charged, longer trips away call for a larger battery, with a capacity that can charge slightly heftier examples, like a Nintendo Switch or tablet.

While Anker’s 10,000 mAh 30W Power Bank teeters on the heavier side for this particular capacity, its included USB-C cable, multiple charging ports and nifty display make it a worthy addition to any travel or commute.


The 10,000 mAh 30W Power Bank opts for a more traditional rectangular design, complete with a smooth front and back and textured sides. The top includes a button to activate the vibrant colour display on the front, along with a fixed USB-C cable, which also doubles as a loop for easy portability. On the right side are two ports, one being an in/out USB-C port and an out USB-A port, which comes in handy when it comes to charging either multiple or older devices.

The glossy plastic front and back look great. But while I love the dark grey option we got the chance to review, it’s a fingerprint magnet and shows under any source of light. It’s not a deal breaker, but worth noting nonetheless. It’s also made with 80% post-consumer recycled plastic, which is always a plus.

The design is sleek and minimal, but there’s a slight trade-off when it comes to batteries of this size and above. At 215 grams, it feels a little heavy in the hands, and while it fits in your palm, it might factor into a long night out when this might have to be squeezed into your pocket or a small clutch or handbag. There’s no denying that a smaller 5,000 mAh option would do the trick, but I feel this option is better suited to dedicated travelling as opposed to a casual night out.


Much like Anker’s smaller 5,000 mAh USB-C Nano Power Bank, the larger 10,000 mAh alternative includes a fixed USB-C cable, which helps when attempting to reduce clutter. Should you feel the need to bring extra cables, the ports on the side can assist with multiple options to charge multiple devices. It’s the highlight and sets it apart from most portable chargers I’ve used. Its rubber material is also quite durable, making carrying it feel sturdy yet comfortable.

While using a single port, it can provide up to 30W charging speeds, making it a solid option for larger phones like the Samsung S23 Ultra and Pixel 8 Pro, and even some tablets like iPads. While it drops to 24W when connecting multiple devices at once, it’s still more than enough to charge an iPhone 15 Pro from 20% to 80% in around 45 minutes.

The vibrant colour display on the front is also a nice touch, not only indicating the battery percentage left but also the amount of battery remaining in hours and minutes, which will change depending on what you are charging. The only gripe I have with this display is that it fluctuates wildly when plugging in different devices, and usually takes a minute or two to adjust. But even then, it seems pointless when you’ve got that battery percentage ring next to it in the first place.

Verdict & Value

While it’s a little too heavy for a casual night out, Anker’s 10,000 mAh 30W Power Bank is more than enough for slightly longer trips and multiple devices, thanks to an included USB-C cable that doubles as a handle, and the ability to charge multiple devices at 24W. It’s not necessarily reinventing the wheel for power banks at this point, but it’s certainly getting a lot right in the process.


Highlights: Sleek design; Fixed USB-C charging cable; Multiple charging ports; Vibrant colour display
Lowlights: A little heavy at this size; Front and back plastic attracts fingerprints immediately
Manufacturer: Anker
Price: A$99.99
Available: Now

Review based on unit supplied by Anker.

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.