SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Small and mighty

SteelSeries is no stranger to creating some of the most premium gaming accessories and peripherals on the market, with their range of gaming mice providing a wide range of options for different types of gamers, from casual to hardcore. The Prime Mini Wireless however, feels like a fantastic middle ground. It’s incredibly minimal and sleek design packs in an impressive build quality, smooth experience and solid battery life. Its well-rounded nature means that it might not please gamers who are after specific aspects of a premium gaming mouse, be it general size and additional buttons, but provides a relatively enjoyable experience capable at tackling most gaming sessions with ease.


The Prime Mini Wireless is quite literally a smaller version of the Prime gaming mouse, once again an incredibly popular all-rounded for the given price point. Surprisingly, the Prime Mini Wireless isn’t that much smaller than its larger predecessor, proving only 8 grams lighter (61g vs 69g) and 4mm shorter in length (121mm vs 125mm) and 3mm narrower (65mm vs 68mm). These small adjustments however, do alter the overall design, which also creates a lighter, more nimble mouse which feels more comfortable for longer gaming sessions. Thankfully, the Prime Mini Wireless also feels incredibly solid. The mouse is almost completely devoid of rattle and no part of the mouse flexes under the weight of my palm and wrist. Buttons also feel incredibly solid, and while they can prove a little loud at times, are easily forgiven provided they also feel incredibly stable and responsive. The underside of the mouse is also made with Virgin Grade Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), provides  smoother movement and performance on mouse pad. My slightly larger hands could admittedly do with a larger mouse, but this all depends on your grip. For slightly larger hands, a claw grip is preferable, with a traditional palm grip feeling a little annoying for longer and more intense gaming sessions. While this is a personal preference and one that most can’t control, it’s slightly altered measurements prove for a more sleek looking, lighter mouse that proves as a great alternative, should larger mice annoy you, or you simply prefer a claw grip.


The Prime Mini Wireless performs admirably in most situations.  The use of magnetic optical-mechanical switches supposedly allow for quicker response times, although I barely noticed this compared to the original, larger Prime mouse. Featuring a traditional optical sensor underneath, movement is also fluid and responsive in all situations. Through the free SteelSeries GG app/engine, you can also adjust CPI/DPI (Counts/Dots per inch) by intervals of 100 to fine tune sensitivity, assign commands to any of the 5 available buttons including scroll up and scroll down, and alter RGB settings and effects.

A 2.1m braided USB-A to USB-C cable is included for both charging and can also be used as a general wired alternative. Unfortunately, the Prime Mini Wireless is not Bluetooth enabled, instead relying on a USB-C adapter for wireless use. This isn’t a major issue for newer laptops, but will need to be partnered with the provided USB-A adapter in conjunction with the cable for older desktops and laptops. Considering the cable is quite long, it can indeed prove annoying in this instance.


Rechargeable with the provided cable, the Prime Mini Wireless boasts an impressive 100 hour battery life. However, I would liken this to 12-14 days of regular use, as the longevity of each charge will more than likely change depending on your Hz settings, which SteelSeries recommends and bases these statistics off 1000Hz.  Through the SteelSeries GG app, you can also adjust sleep and dimming timers to save battery, in addition to a switch located under the mouse that turns the wireless mode off entirely. Given the generous length of the cable provided and fast charging USB-C capabilities, you’ll rarely spend time wired to your PC.

Verdict & Value

The SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless is an impressive effort at crafting an all around sleek option that feels less obtrusive and clunky for a range of gamers. With a light yet sturdy build quality and slim design, most gamers will small to medium hands will find all play sessions incredibly comfortable, while gamers with larger hands may have to rely on a claw grip, particularly for longer sessions. However, the impressive battery life and accessible SteelSeries GG app allow for every aspect of the experience to be customised to your liking. Be it various RGB effects, fine tuning your CPI or simply adjusting dim and sleep modes, gamers will find a trusty mouse that is most definitely built to last.


Highlights: Impressive build quality; smooth performance; solid battery life; Deep and accessible SteelSeries GG app
Lowlights: Can be a little to small for larger hands and certain grips; buttons can feel quite loud at times
Price: $229

Matthew Arcari

Matthew Arcari is the games and technology editor at The AU Review. You can find him on Twitter at @sirchunkee, or at the Dagobah System, chilling with Luke and Yoda.