Sony adds three new models to collection of high-powered party speakers

Building upon their all-in-one MHC series of party-minded, lighting-enhanced speakers, Sony has introduced three new models focusing on all-new “Omnidirectional Party Sound” and “Omnidirectional Party Light” features.

Geared towards creating big high-powered sound stages in the home environment, as well as nodding heavily to self-styled karaoke sessions, the MHC-V73D, MHC-V43D and MHC-V13 represent a wider variety in the successful series of one-box styled systems.

The inclusion of new built-in microphone holders as a major design feature doubles down on the popularity of this series amongst people who like to host karaoke sessions. The build has also been slightly tweaked towards a small footprint, and increased portability.

The higher-end MHC-V73D boasts four tweeters at the front and rear to elevate its audio profile while midrange sound comes from both the front and back of the speaker. The idea is a more expansive and immersive sound stage, with improved clarity and mid-range frequencies.

Sony has said its refined “Omnidirectional Party Sound” is the result of combining the front and rear tweeters with the midrange, woofer and a powerful jet bass booster to help propel music further and wider.

The V73D also sends out waves of deep and sky blue, green, and multi-coloured strobe lighting as part of the “Omnidirectional Party Light” system, recreating the atmosphere of an indoor nightclub along with a new animation program to create dynamic patterns.

That rather grand lighting stage is lowered somewhat in the less expensive V13 model, which instead has a multi-coloured woofer light, while the V73D and mid-tier V43D have both woofer and midrange lights with a deep blue colour. An ambient lighting mode has been included on all three models to ensure less seams when transitioning from “party mode” to “non-party mode”.

The party atmosphere also lends itself to karaoke sessions. Both the V73D and V43D boast a new DSP reverb module in the “Microphone Echo” feature, which blends vocals with background music to smoothen performances and mirror the feeling of singing in a large concert hall.

All three models also have three different guitar modes for those who want to add to their next garage band jam sesh.

The V73D, V43D and V13 will be available in Australia from August 2020, for SRP $999, $799 and $469 respectively.

Chris Singh

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