Sonos Roam is the powerhouse audio brand’s most portable speaker yet

Sonos Roam

Audio experts Sonos have announced their latest speaker, and like the Sonos Move before it, they are once again tackling the portable audio market.

The Sonos Roam, coming to Australia on 20th April, is the latest from the highly reputable brand, offering both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes for better flexibility.

Featuring that unmistakably minimal and sleek Sonos black or white aesthetic, the Sonos Roam promises to be the brand’s most versatile speaker to date. And driving this will be a brand new feature called Sound Swap, where users can switch the music to the nearest speaker on their system with a simple press of a button, making it easy to fling music from room to room.

Sonos standards like the user-friendly Trueplay, which calibrates sound as a function of setting, will also be included for the Roam. Basically, it sounds like a smaller and more portable version of the Sonos Move, which has been one of our favourite Bluetooth/Wi-Fi speakers to date.

The triangular shaped design is sturdy enough for an IP67 dust and fully waterproof rating, which should easily make it an outdoor favourite. Especially with the 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge that’s being promised.

The Sonos Roam will be available in Australia for $279 from Pre-orders are now open.

Chris Singh

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