Sennheiser IE 200 review – wired to perfection

It’s been a while since I have used over-the-ear headphones. I enjoyed the sporty look and the secure fit that would allow me to partake in any amount of activities with the security that they won’t fall out or come undone. While it’s been a few years since my Beats over-ears have been in fashion, it’s exciting that Sennheiser has released a new product in this style. Adding some noise-cancelling technology with a premium fit, comfortable foam earbuds and making the main cable durable and replaceable if needed, the IE 200’s are a welcome addition in the crowded space of headphones.


Dropping the bluetooth function from the headphones seems like a brave move in this market and, to be honest, it really works for me. Many times I find myself leaving my other wireless ones around the house or have fallen out in my bag and are no good when I need them. When I’m listening to music I’m walking or working out or just needing a break from the constant flood of notifications that crowd our devices all day long. Sennheiser have not included a mic or phone call capabilities in a move that makes this the ultimate way to focus on the present. If you want to walk around and just listen to a podcast uninterrupted, or the seamless flow of Beyonce’s Renaissance, this is the perfect way to do it.


The headphones are built out of durable plastic with a premium feel. Each earpiece curves and can be adjusted to fit any ear shape easily. The foam earbuds on each side slide into your ears with ease. There are three different sizes included in the pack and after testing them out with some colleagues and friends, we didn’t find a pair that didn’t fit. The MMCX cable is flexible and durable and has a premium feel, and you can easily get a replacement cable if anything happens, which should give you a further sense of ease when throwing these into your bag. The buds and cable are extremely light; when I opened up the package, I thought I’d been sent an empty case. It’s also this that makes it a perfect travelling companion.


As previously mentioned, these are not bluetooth headphones and they do connect via a 3.5mm headphone jack; so yes, you will need to find that jack connector that came with your phone, which you are pretty sure you left in the box. The cable is 1.2 metres long and will allow you to leave your phone in your pocket comfortably. The cable never got too wound up or slapped about during my time with it. The sound quality was strong, I did have this on bass boost and noticed that the bass was not as punchy as something like the Sony WX-100’s but was still a solid quality. It is worth noting there is no active noise cancelling on these headphones and this doesn’t detract from the sound quality that they produce.

Verdict & Value

The Sennheiser IE 200 are a solid wired headphone unit in a crowded wireless bluetooth space. They offer a battery-free alternative that fits comfortably around your ears and helps you disconnect from your phone and the notifications that stream in all day. The drowned bass may put some users off, however the balanced EQ and sound quality that can easily be adjusted by moving the position of the headphones in your ears more than makes up for this. While this may not be the best look with wires and over-the-ear is definitely something to get accustomed to, Sennheiser have solidified the IE 200’s as the perfect way to disconnect from the world and fully disappear into the music in comfort.


Highlights : Great fit, Adjustable ear pieces, Can replace parts

Lowlights : Lack of bass

Manufacturer : Sennheiser

Price : $239

Available : Now