Razer Basilisk Essential Review: Haus of Mouse

Razer’s cornered the market on sleek gaming peripherals, and the latest Basilisk Essential mouse is no exception. It’s smooth, gorgeous and comfortable, with some great design that includes a soft little nook to rest your thumb in as you game.

As is common with most Razer products, it’s also powered by Razer Chroma and features programmable lighting with all the colours of the rainbow (16.8 million, to be precise). There’s an unspoken rule that all gaming PC set-ups need a little something extra, and Razer is always quick to bring it.

Still, the Razer Basilisk feels almost muted when compared with the rest of Razer’s snazzy gaming line, currently only coming in stock-standard black. It feels like a surprisingly practical choice – which is only a minor complaint, but call me when it’s available in lurid green or flamingo pink, please.

PC mice really are the unsung heroes of the gaming world. Keyboards are more often hailed as the ‘hero’ tools of the trade, but it’s the mouse that makes everything happen, really. So it’s great news, then, that the Razer Basilisk is the perfect gaming companion. In fact, it clicks perfectly. 

Mouse clicks are important, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When you’re in the heat of battle, you want a clicker that feels solid, yet reassuring. Fast, but not too fast – and with just the right amount of bounce.

The Razer Basilisk’s clicks are on point. They’re smooth, easily controlled and pretty much perfect. They also have a claimed durability of up to 20 million clicks. That’s a whole lot of head shots and monster kills.

For the technically-savvy, the Razer Basilisk is also extremely programmable, with 7 different buttons you can customise for quick access in gameplay, including easy mic functionality.

With a durable weaved cord and a guaranteed 20+ million clicks, I’m almost certain that the Razer Basilisk will outlast me and my entire family. Long after the earth is space dust and we’re forgotten by our friends, the Razer Basilisk will live on. Isn’t that what you’d want in a gaming mouse?

Long live the Basilisk.

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