Jabra once again look to nail every part of your daily commute with the Evolve2 75 headphones

  • Chris Singh
  • October 19, 2021
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It may seem like an odd dichotomy for an audio brand, but Jabra has always been at the forefront of both sports-friendly truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and enterprise headphones. If you’ve ever been to an office and then gone for a jog on your lunch break, you should already be quite familiar with Jabra and the wide range of acclaim that follows their new releases.

The newest release? That’d be the Jabra Evolve2 75, the latest in their award-winning business-minded headphone series, specifically engineered for productive hybrid working. The cans are the first in Jabra’s Evolve range to offer fully adjustable ANC using an 8-microphone array for crystal clear, intelligent calls and an advanced triple chipset for faster, smarter, and more powerful performance.

Given audio, video and connectivity are crucial for office workers, having a pair of these slick new headphones in the office is going to be mighty helpful in nailing those KPIs and keeping in touch with the team throughout the day. Particularly for those still working from home, the new cans maximise flexibility and are built specifically to increase concentration and serve various needs, whether that’s blanking out the room so you can take a call, or listen to music with no disturbance.

Comfort has always been a clear goal of the Evolve range, and it’s looking like Jabra have improved upon their build quality, reimagining the signature leatherette, dual cushion design to improve ventilation and reduce ear pressure. This also optimises the curvature and padding of the headband to ensure the headset stays securely on the head at all times.

Clearly, Jabra are out to once again own every aspect of the daily commute, from locking yourself into your own audio chamber on the train, to taking perfectly clear calls in the office – it’s a good thing comfort has been key because you might never take these off from morning to night on weekdays.

A full run of specs for the newly launched Jabra Evolve75 headphones can be found below. The retail price for these cans is $490.

  • 26% per cent more Noise Cancellation than Evolve 75 through Adjustable Jabra Advanced ANC, dedicated chipset and Jabra’s new Dual Foam Technology
  • Premium Open Office microphones with a 33 per cent shorter hide-away microphone boom arm than Evolve 75
  • 8 microphone technology
  • Superior quality calls
  • High quality audio with the boom arm retracted in discreet mode, or when fully down in performance mode. Optimised for a flexible work-life
  • Certified for all major UC platforms
  • Up to 30m/100 ft wireless range
  • Connect two devices with dual connectivity
  • Dedicated Teams button (on MS Teams variant)
  • Integrated 360° busylight
  • Up to 36h MusicTime, 24h TalkTime (without ANC and Busylight) 33% more TalkTime than Evolve75
  • Powerful music w/ 40mm speakers & AAC codecs
  • Device management with Jabra Direct and Xpress
  • Personalisation with Jabra Sound+ and Jabra Direct
  • Google fast pair* (*Android Only)

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