HyperX Alloy Origins Core Gaming Keyboard Review: Newest Clicky Switches

HyperX Alloy Origins Core

The no-nonsense HyperX Alloy FPS has been a top contender for the best TKL (tenkeyless) mechanical keyboard for many years. However, that hasn’t stopped HyperX from expanding its TKL keyboard range with the HyperX Alloy Origins Core. Originally released in 2019, this keyboard Included added features and accessories for gamers wanting both style and reliability. Custom-fit with HyperX switches, you either had the choice between either HyperX Red Switches or HyperX Aqua Switches. The newest model, released on May 24th, is fitted with HyperX Blue Switches and is the latest gaming keyboard I’ve had the pleasure to review.

Look The Part

At first glance, the Alloy Origins Core is sleek, compact and stylish. Priced at $195 AUD, the keyboard’s quality is most apparent off the bat. Both the top and bottom of the keyboard are encased in an air-grade aluminium body, which, unlike most keyboards that substitute plastic for its base, results in a heavier and durable feel. Unexpectantly, the Alloy Origins Core isn’t bulky despite the aluminium. Instead, it appears slim due to its low-profile design. In fact, the keyboard embodies a modern and minimalistic style through its smooth edges and floating key design. Due to the partially exposed switches, the RGB LED lights within, illuminate the keyboard with a vibrant and bright glow. The board caters to the gaming aesthetic while remaining practicable by adding three adjustable keyboard tilt angles (3°, 7°, or 11°) for you to adjust for maximum comfortability.

The newest feature added to the Alloy Origins Core series is the HyperX Blue Switches. Designed with a clicky operation style, the HyperX Blue Switch has an actuation point of only 1.8mm and a travel distance of 3.8mm—compared to the CHERRY MX Blue Switch that has a 2.2mm actuation point and 4mm travel distance. While the difference seems minuscule, the result is a smooth and quick typing experience.

Feel The Part

Furthermore, the HyperX Blue Switch operating force is 50g meaning there is minimal resistance. This sometimes comes at a cost as keys would get stuck or register with the smallest press, which can be frustrating mid-game. The trademark clicky sound, however, is not lost despite this speed. Instead, the keystrokes produce a crisp, sharp but not overbearing sound. Unfortunately, the lifespan is said to be 80 million keystrokes, but the keycaps are made from ABS plastic, this longevity may vary from user to user.

HyperX Blue Switches

The keyboard itself includes a few convenient features. As per usual, anti-ghosting and n-key rollover functionalities help keystroke inputs remain uninterrupted and effortless. HyperX keyboards include a specific ‘game mode’ function that disables the Windows key, so you don’t accidentally tab out of your game. There are multiple volume controls, including pause, play and skip buttons. Finally, there are three profiles in which you can save your RGB LED settings; however, this proved to be difficult.

The HyperX NGENUITY software controls all of your RGB settings, but due to it still being in beta the software is extremely buggy. RGB settings wouldn’t sync to my keyboard, nor would various pre-set options save when exiting the program. I had to re-install the software multiple times until it worked, and even then, my settings only saved when I exited the program through the task manager. If you are spending $195 AUD on a keyboard, you want it running smoothly without any problems, but unfortunately, HyperX NGENUITY struggles to deliver.

Final Thoughts

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core (Blue Switch) mechanical keyboard is the perfect intersection of style and quality. The board is of excellent make and the switches are smooth and pronounced. While the software is lacking and the keycaps are made of ABS plastic and prone to getting stuck, the abundance of features and compact design make up for the keyboards shortcomings.


Highlights: Pronounced and smooth switches;
Lowlights: Software is lacking; Keys can prove a little sensitive
Manufacturer: HyperX
Price: $195 AUD
Available: Now

Product supplied by HyperX for review.

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