DJI’s feature-rich Osmo Mobile 4 gimble launches in Australia

DJI is betting heavily on magnetic mounts with its newly announced Osmo Mobile 4 (OM4) smartphone gimble, a follow-up to its super popular, an super flexible, predecessor.

The motorised smartphone stabiliser’s biggest evolution is the two magnetic mounts, one which wraps around the phone in an instant, and one which attaches to the back of the phone and acts as a finger ring for better grip and balance. The idea is that users can take advantage of the quick-snap phone attachment system for a more seamless and spontaneous content creation experience, no longer having the take the time to fit their smartphone into a clamp.

As with DJI’s previous gimbles, the OM4 optimises a smartphone’s photography and videography system by helping users create smoother and more appealing images and videos. And it seeks to improve on the whole experience with an intuitive button layout, upgraded motors, new creative capture modes, and a refined portable folding design.

As with the OM3, the fourth-generation Osmo Mobile will also sport a 15-hour battery that can double as a powerbank via its USB-C connection, so you won’t have to worry if you didn’t charge your phone overnight and still want to get out and about to nail that dynamic moving hyperlapse, or rock that solid tracking shot.

DJI also seems to have finessed the software to further enhance what a phone’s cameras can do. This includes a dedicated Story Mode with various templates to help take the work out of editing; improved ActiveTrack which follows moving subjects and can now discern between adults, children and pets; cinema-like Dynamic Zoom (formerly “dolly zoom”) which digitally zooms in or out on a subject while the gimble user is moving; Clone Me Panorama mode, which basically creates a pano from several shots and allows you (or someone else) to pose in each; and more accurate gesture controls for hands-free use.

The improved motors will be able to handle different modes set for different styles, like the unique barrel-roll like spin-shot, and one which makes shooting in slow motion so much easier. There’s also dedicated Sport Mode, which like the OM3 will respond to and follow subject movements faster to add a bit of action to recordings.

We’re expecting even better integration with DJI Mimo app’s in-built video editor, which should open up a whole heap of content creation styles.

Although do note that not all Android phones will be compatible with the full suite of features. For the compatibility list click here.

The DJI OM4 is now available in Australia for an RRP of A$239. More information about all the OM4’s features can be found here.

Chris Singh

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