SXSW Film Review: Recovery adds as much levity as it can to the global pandemic

A comedy both made during and about the pandemic that has forever altered the landscape of the world, Recovery adds as much levity as it can to the most devastating of situations.  Written, directed and headlined by the relatable comedy duo of Mallory Everton and Whitney Call (Everton serving as director and co-writer, Call as…

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The Sound: Giving Australian music the promotion it deserves

2020 has proven to be an arduous year for the music and entertainment industries. With ongoing coronavirus restrictions putting live music on hold, artists and venue owners alike have been left in a precarious position. Several glimmers of hope for the industry have emerged however – one of these being the ABC’s latest music program…

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POPSART: Woman of Substances, Journalist Jenny Valentish investigates the female experience of drugs and alcohol.

Many people love a drink in fact they will indulge at least once a week in a session of binge drinking or occasionally in some Class A’s, their habit is recreational and generally the individual gets on with their life relatively unhindered with some help from a Berocca and a Nurofen. But for others the…

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