Streaming service Stan flies by the 1 million subscriber mark, creating multi-year deals in the process

Online streaming service Stan has officially passed the 1 million subscriber mark, only 3 years after launch. As this number continues to grow rapidly, Stan shows no signs of slowing down, announcing various multi-year deals with powerhouse studios such as Lionsgate and MGM, while reinforcing Stan as the home of American studio Starz. A recent…

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SXSW: La La Land Oscar Winner, John Wick VR and more to feature at the Lionsgate Lounge

The annual SXSW Film, Interactive and Music festival kicks off in Austin, Texas this Friday, and with it are a pile of must-attend once-in-a-lifetime events. The US film studio Lionsgate will be putting on one of these events in the form of the Lionsgate Lounge, which will be operating in Austin from the 11th to…

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The first Power Rangers trailer looks super edgy and we love it

The first trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers reboot has landed, showing off a seriously edgy take on the 90’s fan favourite. Based on the original Power Rangers series, which had a much lighter tone and a lot more spandex, the Lionsgate adaptation seems to pass-up on the 90’s cheese for a more modern tone. Opening…

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