Lara Croft

Film Review: Tomb Raider (UK, 2018) is the video game to film curse lifted?

Alicia Vikander embodies Tomb Raider, Alicia is Lara Croft! There’s no pushing it aside and it must be said it’s miles above Angelina Jolie’s attempt at the character (it may have been Simon West‘s direction at the time, who knows?).  Here, we have a more grounded, fierce and believable action heroine in Vikander. A woman that…

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Games Review: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4, 2014)

If you, gentle reader, are anything like me then you might spend an inordinate amount of time lamenting the near-extinction of couch co-op as a multiplayer component. All but gone are the days of having a few friends over and playing a game together on the same screen, in the same room, competitively or cooperatively….

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