Joe Cornish

Film Review: The Kid Who Would Be King (UK, 2019) is an incredibly fun take on the Arthurian legend for the whole family

January 17, 2019

It’s quite amazing to know that there are many films out there that have been inspired by the story of the Arthurian legend. On the top end of the scale, we have the Disney flick The Sword of the Stone, the John Boorman cult classic Excalibur and of course the comedic parody Monty Python and […]

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John Boyega and his Attack the Block director appear to be working on something again

July 1, 2016

Sure, we all know who John Boyega is now, obviously having nailed his role as Fin in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but before that he was in a small sci-fi film called Attack the Block. Now we could be in the midst of a reunion between Boyega and director Joe Cornish. “Saw Joe Cornish […]

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