Contra: Operation Galuga provides some safe, old-school fun

I’ve been a huge fan of the Contra series over the years, and still go back to the original when it pops up. Upon hearing that Contra: Operation Galuga would reimagine the first entry with some fresh visuals and gameplay, I was pumped. Contra: Operation Galuga is certainly a good time as far as 2D…

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Here’s every announcement from the Nintendo Direct February 2024 Partner Showcase

Nintendo came out yet again with a new showcase based primarily around third-party reveals, along with a few fan-favourite Xbox games that are on their way to the Switch. Here’s every announcement below: EPIC MICKEY IS BEING REMASTERED WORLD OF GOO 2 PENTIMENT IS ON ITS WAY TO THE SWITCH GROUNDED IS THE SECOND XBOX…

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Konami Code

Creator of the Konami Code dead at 79

Kazuhisa Hashimoto, legendary Konami programmer and creator of the famous Konami Code, has died at the age of 79. Hashimoto’s death was announced composer Yuji Takenouchi on Twitter. Takenouchi’s tweet states that Hashimoto died on February 25 and that he hopes his friend will “keep making games in heaven.” Hashimoto was a staple at Konami…

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