Filming of the second series of ABC’s Glitch has begun in Melbourne

January 24, 2017

ABC has announced that filming is underway in Melbourne on the highly anticipated second season of the award-winning paranormal drama Glitch. Debuting in 2015, Glitch followed a they mystery of seven people who had returned from the dead. The series garnered outstanding drama awards at the Logies and AACTAs and attracted a legion of fans who […]

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ABC series Cleverman has been renewed for a second season

June 7, 2016

ABC and SundanceTV today announced that a second season of Cleverman will go into production in Australia later this year, and will include six hour long episodes. The recommission announcement comes just as series one launches internationally in the United States and in Australia. Series one directors Wayne Blair – director of the Australian box office […]

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TV Review: The Beautiful Lie (AUS, 2015)

November 24, 2015

This review contains spoilers following the screening of The Beautiful Lie on ABC1. — “You get away with everything, just because you’re a man. All you ever do is hold a baby and everyone says, ‘Oh, wow! What a great dad.’ People expect so little of you.” “Yeah – and I still disappoint everybody. It’s […]

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TV Review: Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 “Death In Heaven” (UK, 2014)

November 12, 2014

  If you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out whether or not you liked the Doctor Who season finale, “Death In Heaven”. Yes, arguably it was one of the stronger episodes in terms of its writing, but was it worth the amount of gravitas given to it in the week preceding? Perhaps not. Almost […]

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TV Review: Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11 “Dark Water” (UK, 2014)

November 2, 2014

  Well, did you see that one coming? The eighth season of Doctor Who has begun its lurch towards the finish line and in true Steven Moffat fashion, the showrunner has managed to produce a suitably chilling, dark and satisfying result. If we’re honest, this season of Doctor Who hasn’t really maintained the consistency it has in previous years. Peter […]

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TV Review: Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 10 “In the Forest of the Night” (UK, 2014)

October 28, 2014

  Can you believe we’re already at the point where we’re now staring down the barrel at Peter Capaldi’s first season finale of Doctor Who? “In the Forest of the Night” is your quintessential filler episode before the final pieces of the season-long puzzle fall together. Not to say it was completely forgettable – I quite enjoyed Maebh (Abigail […]

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TV Review: Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 “Flatline” (UK, 2014)

October 20, 2014

If there is one thing Doctor Who has become stellar at over the years, it’s throwing a spanner into the works, just when the audience is comfortable and thinks they know what is happening. “Flatline” is that point for Season 8. While it takes the ‘Doctor Lite’ format and shows off Clara more than ever as a strong and […]

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TV Review: Doctor Who – Season 8 Episode 4 “Listen” (UK, 2014)

September 17, 2014

  …Or also known as “The One That Screwed With the Canon. Again.” Steven Moffat’s scripting of this Season 8 adventure sees our favourite Time Lord and his companion work their way through a narrative which would ultimately leave the fandom divided and talking. We all know Moffat is at the top of his game when he’s […]

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