Why Canberra’s Gingerfest is not to be missed this weekend

Remembering the Ginger Ninja are a not for profit organisation that have organised punk rock festivals in honour of their close friend Nicholas Sofar-Schreiber, and this Saturday at MOLO Live, situated just upon ANU Campus, the great organisation is gearing up for a day of great music, great beer, and to commemorate the titular Ginger Ninja, Nick, on what would be his 32nd birthday in his hometown.

Nicholas was murdered in 2013, and in commemoration his friends wanted to develop the means to put on great punk gigs, to symbolise what Nick spent so much of his time devoted to – spending time in little underground venues scattered around Canberra, listening to the music that he loved so much. Bringing together international and local artists is a great testament to the level of support behind this group of friends, and with the buzz Gingerfest has created in Canberra there seems to be immense support and excitement for the event.

Partnering up with indie-Australian events company Yours and Owls, Gingerfest is set to impress with a collection of great Australian and international acts, that are all well suited to playing on a sunny Canberra weekend as people drink, yell, dance, and smoke to their heart’s content.

A very notable addition to the lineup is Jeff Rosenstock, having toured Canberra a number of times now – including a sold out show that Transit Bar during his October/November Australian tour. Despite his indie niche, Jeff has generated a lot of hype and following in Australia, with his brand of paranoia tinged and self-destructively aware lyrics and early 2000’s throwback style fitting perfectly into many of our domestic acts that are just beginning to grow.

The rest of the line-up is listed below, and tickets are still available ahead of the fest on Saturday – so if you’re braving the Canberra summer and missing some live music, this event is one not to miss.

Gingerfest is on this Saturday 15th of December, and the line-up is as follows:

Jeff Rosenstock (Band) [USA]
Epic Flagon
Lincoln le Fevre & the Insiders
Sketch Method
Dan Potthast (USA)
Hanny J
Don McFadden
Azim Zain
Yvette Vials
Ben the Red

For tickets and more details about the event, head HERE.

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