Wednesday 13 (US) on returning to Australia, The Walking Dead & more!

If you love horror and you love metal, then you’ve heard of Wednesday 13 and have rocked out to his classic anthems: a slick fusion of metal, punk and the macabre that’s a whole lot of fun. I spoke with the “Duke of Spook” as he was busy preparing for his Australian tour (that kicks off in Melbourne tomorrow night) about what’s in store for Aussie fans, recording albums in closets, and who should die last on The Walking Dead.    

Wednesday, it’s great to speak with you! What have you been up to since getting back from touring the UK ?

I’ve been dealing with visas and Australia and getting all the merchandise printed. (Laughs) I pretty much manage the band myself now, so I’m the guy that has to work 24/7. I hope before I get to Australia, I get a little bit of sleep!

Have you had a chance to write any new material?

Yeah, we’ve been writing for the past six months, all of us. We’re spending July and August writing and recording a brand new album. That should be out, I hope, in the first few months of 2017.

I remember listening to Monsters of the Universe when it came out and when “Keep Watching the Skies” kicked in I thought, ‘Yep, this is Wednesday.’ How do you stay true to your sound, yet keep coming up with new anthems for your fans?

Well thank you, I’m very proud of that record, it’s one of the only records I can go back and listen to and not nitpick it apart. I’m learning how to do this over the years. I’m learning how to do this good now. Every record I do, it sort of shows a certain point in my life and where I am musically. I don’t want to repeat myself, and I think my fans know now that I’m not attempting to remake the first album.

Do you find certain countries like certain songs? Are there songs the Aussies love that you always play here?

Yeah, there are songs I feel like I have to do, or people will come at me with a hammer. (Laughs)

You’ve had some epic and classic song titles over the years, what’s your favourite that you’ve come up with?

I really don’t know. (Laughs) When I went to the video store as a little kid and I would see a movie poster on the wall like Nightmare on Elm Street and it would say: “If you don’t wake up screaming, you don’t wake up at all” I’d be, ‘Oh that’s funny,’ so I like making up little funny things like that. Basically, it just shows my personality because I feel like I’m down to earth. And a lot of people would be surprised to know that I probably watch more comedy than I do horror.

When you are writing music or recording, how do you get into that zone you need to be in? Do you go to a particular place?

You know, it’s weird. I don’t really have a particular spot or routine that I do. I just go with what I have in front of me. I don’t get to go and say ‘I need this set up for four days, and with candlelight’ (laughs). You’ll probably find it funny to hear this, but I recorded all the vocals for Monsters of the Universe in my friend’s girlfriend’s closet. So I’m screaming the lyrics to “Serpent Society” and staring at her lingerie. And sometimes, recording in that kind of situation can make something more intense. I prefer it that way: Punk rock, DIY, get it done, however it may be, you know?

Via your music, I’ve met people from Melbourne and Adelaide who I now consider some of my best friends. I’m sure you get told all the time that you bring people together. That must be a great feeling.

Well, that’s awesome to hear. Very cool. I do hear that, and I hear, ‘I got married to this dude because of you.’ It’s a unique group of people that come to my shows and I’m very fortunate because I don’t have the biggest fan base in the world, but I do have a die hard, dedicated fan base. I gather people together that are on the same page.

You’ve been called the “Godfather of Ghoul” among other cool things. Do you have a favourite title someone has given you?

Oh yeah. I’m not sure where it came from, but someone called me “The Duke of Spook”.

That is cool!

Yeah, it’s like Michael Jackson and John Wayne. But I’m the Duke of Spook.

So what can we expect this time in Australia?

We’ll be playing material off the new album, but it will be a totally different show than the 2013 show when we were there for Halloween. Visually it’s different. It’s darker. It’s heavier. It’ll be fun. It’ll be so much fun, that once we’re done, we’ll want to do it all over again!

Now we all know you walked with zombies before they were cool, and I know you watch The Walking Dead, so who’s your favourite character?

I hate everyone on that show!

(Laughs) Really?

I hate ‘em all. Every week I hope each and every one of them dies. That’s why I watch it, because I want them all to die. (Laughs) But I do enjoy the show, I think it’s cool, I’m just not attached to anybody on it… it’s so weird. I actually met the kid that plays Carl years ago…

Chandler Riggs?

Yeah. He was really cool and super smart. So after meeting him, I hope he dies last.

Wednesday 13 performs in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney this week! Grab your tickets via Destroy All Lines.


April 14th | Corner Hotel, MELBOURNE
April 15th | The Brightside, BRISBANE
April 16th | The Factory Theatre, SYDNEY


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