Twist and Shout 60s Dance Party – Brighton Up Bar (22.10.10)

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It’s a very rare occasion that you turn up to an event to find it completely empty. While I arrived an hour after it had kicked off and knew that was pretty early, to find a completely empty Brighton Up Bar was a bit strange.

Literally a DJ, a bar tender and 2 guys at the top of the stairs to collect money. Sure there were some sweet tunes flowing from the speakers, but it was quickly decided a few beverages elsewhere to allow the room to fill was in order. Many a beverage was consumed and a few hours later we ventured back to Twist and Shout 60s Dance Party to find a far more acceptable turn out… although nothing huge.

What followed was several hours of 60’s music and a lot of dancing. It’s a small venue and an intimate space to have a dance around. I wasn’t sure if I was meant to be dressing up for the 60s evening and I’m glad I didn’t – the only people dressed in that style, probably dress that way everyday.

What made the night were the happy people. There were lots of happy people. So much laughter, smiling faces and some killer dance moves to boot. So much twisting and a bit of shouting, but mainly twisting.

There was an atmosphere in that tiny bar that rejected any form of negativity or judgemental thoughts. Everyone was enjoying the moment and the uninhibited dance times. It may not have been huge, but it was fun. Or maybe I was just enthused by the beverages I consumed prior to my return. It doesn’t really matter what the precise source of my delight was, Twist and Shout had a definite impact.

Check out some photos of the night below, maybe that will give you a better idea of the fun times.