Track of the Week: Happy Axe “One Morning” (Feat. Butternut Sweetheart) (2021)

One Morning

“One Morning” is the new single from Melbourne-based violinist, vocalist and composer Emma Kelly aka Happy Axe. On this dreamy and beautiful single the Canberra native has enlisted the help of friend and new collaborator Butternut Sweetheart. 

“One Morning”, is the second single to be released from Happy Axe’s second album Maybe It’ll Be Beautiful, which is set for release in July. It follows on the heels of “Growing In The Ground”, a chamber-pop track that was produced by label mate Braille Face. 

With layers of violin, beautiful vocal harmonies, some ukulele and a saw solo, the single is a unique slice of ambient folk pop. It’s tender, beguiling and perhaps a little melancholic; but also speaks to the time in which it was written and composed. According to Kelly the single is a reflection on her choice to move to Melbourne right as the city was plunged into an extended lockdown. 

“The day I wrote this I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I might wake up at any moment from the pandemic, and that it was just a bad dream, as things had gotten so scary and Melbourne was so weirdly quiet that it didn’t feel real. I’d look up at big high-rise apartments and know that everyone was cooped up in there like bees in a hive.”

The lyrics “Maybe I chose the wrong adventure…?” All of a sudden hit a little different. So, yes it’s eerie, and a little melancholic, but you know what? It works, and it doesn’t stop it from being amongst some of the most beautiful and affecting four minutes you’ll hear right now. One for fans of Joanna Newsome, Beth Orton and more. 

“One Morning” is out now. You can keep up to date with Happy Axe via Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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