Track of the Week: Flag Duty “Twenty” (2021)

We love recommending local music that’ll have you reminiscing about the first time you read about them. Right now is one of those moments to mind-stamp for your future reflection as we put Flag Duty on your radar!

Hailing from the fertile music breeding ground of Brisbane, Flag Duty combines modern and nostalgic rock with hooky pop and undeniable enthusiasm to create a youthful and starry-eyed sound.

This four-piece indie pop-rock band’s latest offering, “Twenty”, is a reflection on time and the realisation that you’re not where you currently thought you’d be, despite still being young – a testament to their relentless ambition and goals for Flag Duty’s future.

In a double-meaning, “Twenty” could further talk beyond their ages to the fact that 2020 was also nowhere near where we all thought we’d be, and serves as an anthemic reminder to all to take control and chase those dreams regardless of the hurdles.

Coming together from a variety of fallen music projects in 2018, Flag Duty have proved that new beginnings are often the best way forward, solidified with this single.

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Tait McGregor