Track of the Day: Yergurl “Until We Meet Again” (2020)

If you’re looking for a new track to obsess over, look no further than Melbourne based artist, Yergurl with her latest single, “Until We Meet Again”. After releasing her debut EP Love Bite earlier last year, the 20 year old is known for her unique style of dreamy beats and unapologetic lyrics. Capturing the core of her adolescence, Yergurl taps into her experiences through storytelling and addictive multi-layered sounds.

Yergurl explains the inspiration behind the track:

”Until we meet again’ is about breaking up with someone you still love. I wrote UWMA after a very amicable break up and we were saying that we’d like to get together again if our life situations allow. My previous single ‘Skateboard’ was written at the very start of the relationship when I thought it was gonna be a short lived high school romance and UWMA is our break-up song. His face features in the music video, just like how he actually featured in the Skateboard video so it brings our story full circle. So i see UWMA as the ending of the Skateboard story…. for now.”

Co-created alongside director Charles Buxton-Leslie, her official video and track is out now and is filled with an earthy and vibrant aesthetic that represent Yergurl’s true essence.

You can stay up to date with all things Yergurl via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Danica Jones

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