Track of the Day: Venture Boi “She Keeps Me In Her Locket” (2020)

The newest single, “She Keeps Me In Her Locket” by Venture Boi has graced our speakers and demands our attention. Originally from Birmingham, AL, the band has made their presence felt by exploring diverse genres of music. Lead vocalist Matt Sanderlin, has probed various styles such as pop, electric, folk, space-punk, with influences from Beach House and Childish Gambino.

This track features artist Lindsey Wallace and has a slow, despondent cosmic electric-pop-alternative feel. A hybrid between The Smiths and The Cure with hypnotic electric beats. Distinct recording elements have been utilised on vocals by Sanderlin. Using collective sounds of conversations and striking coins to uniquely transform the song.

Driven by the theme of love triangles, tangled relationships, and melancholic feelings of unrequited love. As the journey of the tune unfolds, the ambiguity of the lyrics “She Keeps Me In Her Locket” comes into play. Melodic vocals transition and harmonise from Sanderlin to Wallace, bringing the song to a close. Poignantly touching on the mournful message of the evolution of loving someone and then fading like a distant memory.

“She Keeps Me In Her Locket” is out now and will feature on their debut EP, Trouble, which comes out April 10th.

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Danica Jones

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